Your Guide To Select The Correct Pipette Tip For Application

Beckman filter tips

For conducting any kind of laboratory test, the most significant element is selecting an accurate pipette. Without the correct tool or equipment, you can not diagnosis the illness, disease or carry out research properly. Therefore, it is necessary to have a complete understanding of pipettes before their application. For instance, in all the laboratory procedures, Biomek filter tips are prevalent because of their accuracy and convenience. They ensure to keep your pipette safe and free from contamination.

The laboratory technicians and the medical professionals have a crucial responsibility to make the right decision in choosing the tools and equipment. This decision reflects the diagnosis and, thereby, the treatment plan.

Details Related to Pipette Tips:

A pipette is a small tube containing the sample or specimen used to transfer it from one container to another. It is one of the most common laboratory items. They are essential in conducting different types of tests. You can easily find the type of pipette that works best for you.

The common materials used for making pipettes are glass or plastics. Since the pipettes are used to transfer the sample, it is necessary to use high-quality ones. It will help you in the process of carrying out laboratory tests more conveniently.

Types Of Pipette Tips:

Pipettes come in a wide range of types. Some of the commonly used ones are:

Non Sterile and Sterile:

Usually, for laboratory purposes, sterile pipettes are more suitable. However, you can also buy the non-sterile ones and autoclave them by yourself. It will assure you of complete sterilization and will deliver quality results.

If you decide to buy non-sterile pipettes, make sure to confirm with the seller that the pipettes are autoclavable. It will help you to carry out the process of sterilizing without any hassle.

Filter Tips:

Keeping a sample in the pipette liquid without the filtration will absorb aerosols and might damage the sample. For this reason, the use of filter tips is crucial. They ensure to secure the pipette from catching any outside particle. By using filter tips, you do not have to worry about contaminating the liquid or specimen.

Another important aspect of filter tips is that they reduce the chances of false readings. These tips have been specially tailored to deliver the needed outcome and accurate results.


If you are conducting a test with the following liquids, ensure to use standard quality filter tips like Beckman filter tips. It will help you to conduct the test appropriately.


  • RNA and DNA solutions
  • Strong Acids
  • Infectious Samples

Significance Of High-Quality Tips:

Once you have figured out the type of pipette suitable for your application, the next task is to find a standard quality product. It is necessary to select the pipette that is suitable for your test and delivers the needed results. Otherwise, the low-quality or improper pipettes will provide you with the wrong outcome.

Moreover, the quality of the laboratory tools is essential because it will impact your result. That’s why to get the correct diagnosis in the first go, use adequate tips that can fulfill your needs.

Let’s look at some factors that can help you to get the perfect pipette tip:

  • Check the material of the pipette.
  • Select a pipette that is free from additives.
  • Get your pipettes from a reliable store like MBP, INC.

Shape Of The Tip:

Now that you are aware of the tyes and significance of pipettes, the next important element is finding the tip’s right shape. Since the tips come in different shapes, you will have to get the suitable one for you. A better way to select the correct tip is by getting the recommendation of the manufacturer. It will tone down the chances of getting unreliable results.

All the points above determine the ways through which you can select the most suitable pipette. Make sure to choose a manufacturer that is reliable and delivers top-class work. Molecular Biology Products is one of the leading stores that offer a wide range of laboratory products and testing essentials. You can easily find the needed laboratory items by choosing us.


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