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Our Clientele

Each institute we work with is given the utmost care and quality of service. We have had the opportunity to work with some phenomenal organizations. We continue to do this by providing every client with exactly what they need, when it comes to Molecular Bioproducts, to benefit their labs.

University of Toronto
University of Columbia
Public Health


In 2002 we started Molecular Biology Products and after 18 years of hard work and dedication, we continue to excel by creating personal connections with our customers. We provide the highest quality pipette tips, PCR products, and many other lab consumables. We also offer customer service at any time, every day of the week. Our headquarters are located in Toronto, Canada, and we have offices located in South Asia and the Middle East. We strive to grow every day and expand our services worldwide.

Our Mission

We strive for client satisfaction! We achieve this by maintaining a high standard and quality products, developing a personal connection with our clients, and providing very competitive rates.

Our Vision

Our slogan is “Committed To Serve Life Science,” which is not achieved single-handedly. With our team’s dedication to our valued research partners, we strive in providing our partners…


mammalian cells

How You Can Grow Mammalian Cell Culture

The growth of mammalian cell cultures is of immense importance in the biotechnology sector and medical and cell biology research. It has been progressively developing over the past five decades. Mammalian cell culture involves creating an...

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