Why Companies Are Looking To Outsource Clinical Sample Management

Clinical Sample Management

High-quality biorepository service procedures are essential to ensure the integrity and quality of the samples while also delivering a cost-effective solution that meets the objectives of your clinical trials.

The data contained within biological samples is critical to the success of a clinical trial. An integral part is collecting samples, sample analysis, and sample preservation for future testing. Biological samples frequently degrade between the time they are gathered and examined.

Therefore, it is critical to have a storage method that maintains sample integrity over time. The proper handling of materials has a significant impact on the course and results of clinical trials. External biospecimen repositories can supplement your trial’s operational and storage requirements, allowing your analysis to function smoothly.

This blog by MBP INC will help you learn more about the numerous reasons why clinical sample handling is outsourced:


A consolidated approach to storage makes it easier to identify sample locations, reduces sample handling delays, and streamlines vendor administration. Therefore, centralize long-term storage of active clinical trial samples or regulatory retention samples to an exterior biorepository vendor capable of handling a wide range of sample types in a variety of storage conditions.


Many biopharmaceutical companies routinely transfer clinical trial samples to a long-term biorepository once a clinical study has concluded. These samples are often kept in several central/specialty laboratories or external biorepositories. However, if the organization wants to recover samples urgently, the turnaround time can be several weeks. Time is of importance, and any delay in retrieval can significantly impact the outcome of a study, making it critical to find a companion who provides speedy sample retrieval and shipment around the world.


During an active clinical study, a protocol team manages the trial budget to meet sample storage costs. This team is disbanded at the end of the study, and unfortunately, sample storage is still charged to this budget rather than directly to the client. Therefore, the client loses track of bills and expenses. Outsourcing sample storage to the proper partner will provide you with complete sample and expense insight and significant total lifecycle cost savings.


It’s essential that your company find, track, and manage the inventory of samples while also providing efficient logistics to control the flow of materials between your company and your partners (central/specialty labs). You require a handy digital solution that provides 24/7 visibility to all samples stored at any location.


It’s critical to identify a quality management system that meets stringent GxP and diagnostic sample requirements. An incorporated lifecycle management platform handles vendor relationships and regularizes sample handling processes to maintain sample quality and integrity and accelerate clinical trial timelines.

Risk Mitigation

Secure access to highly monitored and temperature-controlled facilities protects your sample and data assets. Find a partner who offers purpose-built repositories with multiple redundancies, business continuity, and proactive risk management solutions.


Experience in storage, shipment, and tracking that ensures the most extraordinary sample integrity, as well as proven risk mitigation techniques to keep your priceless assets secure, is critical to logistical success. It is essential for clinical sample management to maintain the chain of condition, a chain of identification, and a chain of custody.


Engage a professional who can deliver better storage solutions that are flexible, efficient, integrated, and tailored to your specific requirements. A biorepository that provides onsite, remote, virtual, and hybrid storage methods allow you to tailor your clinical sample storage needs.


Working with a global network of interconnected biorepositories and sample bioprocessing laboratories shortens clinical research timeframes, lowers sample administration costs, and increases the value of your samples.

Sample Utilization

Sample usability should be increased by ensuring the utmost quality of sample preparation and bioprocessing using best-practice techniques. This includes the following:

  • Sample collection
  • Rationalization of samples
  • Utilization of samples
  • Harmonization of samples
  • The sample’s integrity

Final Words

Considering the reasons mentioned above, it’s clear that outsourcing your biorepository services to a specialist with years of experience has many advantages. Outsourcing to the right team can save time and money in managing your biological samples.

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