What Is Molecular Biology?

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What is molecular biology? It is a subject of biology which studies the genetic architecture of living organisms. The study of this subject has opened new horizons for research, with discoveries made every day. Molecular biology is the field of biology which concerns the molecular bases of physical activity in and among living organisms, including cell division, biochemical processes and modifications, mechanisms, and interactions. Some of the most notable advances in the field have been made in recent years with the progress in molecular biology research and technologies.

One of the most well-known areas of molecular biology is that of genetics. A genetic disease is a condition that results from faulty genes or from abnormalities in the chromosomes of an organism. These genetic disorders result in traits that are unfavorable and can be corrected by the correct modification of the genes, or their replacement with healthier genes.

Research For Basis Of Life

Another area of research in molecular biology involves the study of how living things are formed. In this field, researchers look for the basic building blocks of life, such as amino acids, lipids, simple molecules, and living cells. They study how these building blocks of life are put together to form specific types of organisms. In particular, they study how the genetic base of viruses is formed by inserting genetic material into living cells. This method has been widely used in the field of virology, where it has provided vital information on how to fight against a variety of viruses.

DNA Research

The process of development of an organism from the initial stage of cellular reproduction all the way to its death is an interesting area of study in molecular biology. During this development stage, chemical and structural changes occur in the organism’s DNA (Britannica, 1998). These changes are encoded by DNA letters called nucleic acids. An exciting aspect of molecular biology is that each cell is capable of producing its own DNA and thus determining what species the organism belongs to.

Proteins Identification and Research

Protein chemistry involves the study of how proteins interact with one another and with other molecules. At the molecular level, proteins are held together by bonds that cause them to form complexes. It is through these complex bonds that enzymes that work in our bodies perform their important jobs. The study of how proteins interact is central to understanding the function of proteins in our body and how they affect us.


Another branch of study in molecular biology deals with the study of DNA and RNA interactions at the molecular level. DNA is the genetic material we are all born with. RNA is the material that acts as a guide through the genetic code. These two forms of DNA interact through various forms of DNA interactions that collectively create pairs of DNA molecules. These DNA molecules are then passed down from generation to generation and are responsible for generating the traits of organisms in various living organisms.

Advancement In The Field

There have been major advancements in the field of molecular biology over the years. Thanks to the advent of molecular biology and computer software, many of the tasks molecular biologists used to perform are now being done by computers. Because of this, many of the molecular biologists who were once required to do tedious tasks such as sorting out bacteria or detecting a virus now have the luxury of sitting at their computers doing whatever they please.

Molecular biology is a very interesting field. Those interested in a career in this field may want to take some molecular biology classes in order to understand more about it. There are now many colleges offering molecular courses.

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