The Overview Of 96 Well PCR Plates

Overview Of 96 Well PCR Plates

The world had its eureka moment the day Kary Mullis invented the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). Much of the research that led to the development of PCR was based on bacteriology and focused on the tiniest of life forms.

Many institutions and a number of companies around the world have worked tirelessly to master the art of PCR by creating products that seek to optimize PCR protocols for higher efficiency. The target was to optimize variables such as template DNA, reaction mix (dNTPs, buffer, Taq polymerase), probes, primers, and even thermocyclers.

There is a massive impact of inferior plastics on the reproducibility of PCR protocols which most of the researchers fail to realize. Molecular Biology Products is growing to become a dominant supplier of the best plastic consumables, including 96 Well Plates that ensure reproducible, consistent, and overall quality PCR results.

What Are 96 Well Plates?

The 96 well plates are rectangular plates that are used in a variety of assays. ELISA and PCR are two of the most well-known assessments. These plates include many rows and are labeled with various number and letter combinations. There is a notch in the upper corners that ensures the plate is in the correct orientation.

You cannot reuse the 96 well plates. This is because it is not possible to clean most of the chemicals used in the tests. Therefore, it’s necessary to discard the plate, once the assay is done. So let’s explore what a 96 well PCR plate can perform in the lab:

Obtain Reproducible Results With 96 Well PCR Plates

PCR products are made using a defined and distinct polypropylene blend. PCR consumables from us are guaranteed to be produced of the same high-quality polypropylene throughout all of our product lines, which is a promise that the competition can’t match. Customers may expect consistent outcomes across our whole product line thanks to manufacturers.

96 Well PCR Plates Ensure Thermal Stability

PCR plates made of a unique blend of polypropylene are engineered to have a better heat tolerance and will not crack during the rapid temperature variations of PCR cycles, which makes it a great choice for quality-oriented scientists.

Great Fluorescence Detection With 96 Well PCR Plates

96 Well PCR plates are designed specifically for PCR applications and are available in white versions for optimal signal detection. Our white 96 well PCR plates are designed to give clients the greatest sensitivity possible by reducing fluorescent signal refraction and increasing detector reflection.

96 Well PCR Plates are Contamination Free

PCR consumables are free of contaminating nucleic acids (RNA and DNA), nucleases, and endotoxins (Pyrogens) during the manufacturing and packaging process, assuring the best results from your PCR runs. To ensure you obtain the best 96 well PCR plates on the market, our supplier facilities are held to the highest quality standards.

Application Scope of 96 Well PCR Plates

96 Well PCR plates come in a variety of sizes to keep you in control of your PCR and qPCR techniques. You can easily tackle all your PCR tasks with no worries, knowing that the 96 well PCR plates are excellent for a variety of applications, including:

  • For detection and routine amplification of DNA fragments for sequencing, standard PCR with large sample volumes is used.
  • Population-wide mutation analysis assays
  • For high-throughput gene expression research that requires reliable, real-time detection of PCR results with qPCR
  • Validation of food samples by the FDA to ensure their validity
  • Food samples are tested for adulteration or contamination.
  • In paternity testing and other forensic applications, DNA amplicons are quantified.

Final Words

We at Molecular Biology Products provide 96 well-skirted plates, Semi-Skirted, and Non-Skirted 96- and 384-well Plates for sample collection, combinatorial chemistry, drug production, nucleic acid purification. They are also used for high throughput screening, bacterial culture growth, and plate replication.

We believe that our customers should have complete control over their experimental protocols. We are one step closer to realizing our aim of supplying innovative, user-friendly, global standard, and premium liquid handling equipment.

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