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The Importance Of Buying The Best Pipette Tips!

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You won’t find any kind of shortage when it comes to buying filter tips for your pipette. You have everything from Rainin pipette tips to ones by one touch, with each having unique qualities of its own. But in order to find the right fit for your application, you must conduct proper research and have experience in the industry itself. Plus, your filter tips must not only be right for the application and your pipette but the best ones in the market.

This is why we are here, providing you with a complete guide on the importance of buying the best pipette tips for your applications.

Why Not Just By The Cheap Pipette Tips To Save Cost?

One of the things you must understand is that pipette tips are the most fundamental component when it comes to liquid handling procedures. This is why you should not risk using ill-fitting or poor-quality tips. They can immediately ruin the entire workflow and alter the results without you knowing.

Hence, it is important that you get in touch with a reputable vendor, much like Molecular Biology Products, as you can be assured that you will only get the best quality products from them. Make sure to note whether the tips are made from high-quality polypropylene or not. Furthermore, they should be free of moulding flash, straight, and have no visible imperfections or defects.

Know What You Need!

If you have been working with pipette tips for a long time, then you know that they come in a variety of sizes and formats, all of which are suited for different applications. Some of the different types of tips include extended length, standard, macro-volume, filtered, and non-filtered. You will also be able to find tips that are specially designed for automated pipettes.

Other than that, you also want to pay attention to the packaging, as it should be both convenient and suitable for your workflow. While you can buy racked sterile tips that offer you a few reload options, non-sterile tips can be bought stacked in large quantities and a variety of reloading styles. However, you must consider that while purchasing 20ul Filter Tips in bulk may be less expensive, someone will need to manually rack and disinfect them before each use. (Biotix)

Beware Of The Additives!

Keep in mind that certain chemical additives may contaminate your samples. You can safely use metals to dye if you are using blue or yellow colored tips. Although if you want to speed up the injection moulding process by adding chemicals, such as oleamide and DiHEMDA, it can severely affect any application’s outcome. Only tips of the highest quality are free from these additives, as they offer you accurate and precise applications with nothing distorting the results.

Proper Fit

It is important that you make sure the pipette tips fit snugly to reduce mistakes and have guaranteed accurate readings. You shouldn’t have to force the tip onto the pipette to get it to stay in place. You will know whether the tip has a proper fit or not if the ejector isn’t working or if the liquid is dripping.

Low Retention

All of the liquid in the filter tip is included in the volume measured when utilizing air displacement pipettes. Standard tips can retain a tiny quantity of liquid even on relatively smooth surfaces, especially when sticky samples like DNA and proteins are concerned. Hence, you must find tips with unique low retention qualities, such as coatings or low retention features integrated into the resin of the tip, for optimum performance. These tips will further safeguard your samples from potential coating contamination.

Barrier And Filter Tips

Barrier tips protect your pipette from aerosols produced when liquids are aspirated into the tip of the pipette as well as from contamination or any kind of damage from over-pipetting. This often occurs when you use a pipette that allows multiple tip sizes and you choose a tip that is too small for the pipette’s volume dial. You should especially take care of this when you have delicate applications on your hand such as PCR.

Get The Best Filter Tips!

Now that you know all there is to know about how important choosing the best filter tip is, you can go ahead and browse our selection of filter tips at MBP Inc. We have products from some of the best manufacturers, such as Rainin LTS filter tips and Barrier filter tips, so that you can easily choose the right one for your application.

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