Should I Upgrade My Lab Equipment?

Lab Equipment

The advancement of technology has led to the production of various updated versions of general lab equipment. From more technically advanced devices to automated equipment, the aim was to improve the performance and productivity of laboratories. Despite the mass production and easy availability, some labs continue to work with outdated equipment and manual devices for their daily tasks.

At the same time, supporting elements for the already existing lab gear, such as filter tips for the old 50 ml serological pipette also help to avoid contamination in various lab procedures. When the lab staff neglects the need to upgrade their equipment, it can end up in inaccurate test results.

Obsolete devices are unlikely to provide you with the precision and working capacity that a new and upgraded version will. Labs can improve their efficiency and reporting accuracy if they upgrade their equipment or utilize automated features. It will also save them the costs that would be used to repair old and poorly functioning lab tools.

Benefits Of Upgraded Lab Equipment:

We have listed down some reasons for which every lab should consider upgrading their equipment.

1.   Automated Operations:

Automation is a largely prevalent concept in every industry, whether it’s healthcare, technology, or the business world. It is a very efficient method of improving the efficacy and production capacity of a laboratory.

Automated devices are an alternative to human force. They are designed to perform tasks that are generally handled by humans, but in a more defined and efficient manner. One example of automated equipment includes titrators with chemistry analyzers and autosamplers.

As a result, the routine tasks do not require any sort of human supervision and will be automatically handled with utmost precision. This way, the employees of a lab can focus on the more important projects and urgent tasks at hand.

2.   Higher Level Of Safety:

Lab staff remain in continuous contact with equipment and chemicals while performing various manual procedures like crystallization, decoloration, or filtering of solvents. If the environment is exposed to too much of harsh chemicals during a process, it can gravely impact the health of the lab workers. Modern equipment can minimize the direct human contact with samples and reagents that may have the potential to pose health risks.

These instruments will prove to be a reliable tool for a lot of applications and will eliminate the need to handle fragile glass apparatus. This means that when you automate and upgrade your lab equipment, the safety concerns within your facility will be significantly minimized.

3.   Accurate And Precise Test Results:

If you want to attain consistency in the provision of accurate results, it is imperative to apply automation and upgradation to the lab hardware. Outdated lab equipment will not be able to deliver the accuracy and consistency in test results, whereas traditional methods of testing might be subjective. This translates to incomplete results, requiring additional sampling or data for validation, or even uncertain test values.


Investing in more technically advanced lab tools and upgraded manual techniques will reduce the chances of result inconsistency and subjectivity.

4.   Allows Online Monitoring:

The capabilities of computer technology in monitoring and data management continue to improve with time. This has made the process of data collection, storage, and retrieval a lot easier and faster than traditional methods. (Should You Upgrade Your Lab Equipment?, 2020)

New and advanced computer softwares let the staff stream real-time surveillance, and remotely control the trials and processes within the lab. With the advanced online monitoring software, lab employees will be able to conduct various trials for longer periods of time.

5.   Return On Investment:

While the initial costs of modern equipment and procedure upgrading will be higher, the automated testing procedures will ultimately result in a higher level of savings for the lab facility. With increased efficiency and productivity, the lab will be able to earn more customers and generate more revenue.

Reusing old and outdated lab tools is risky as they require constant maintenance and repair, resulting in an exponential increase in the overall costs. With the surge of regulatory requirements and standardization of audits, the manual operation costs are likely to surpass the automation costs.

Here are some reasons you can consider upgrading your lab equipment. Aside from an increase in productivity, it is likely to provide you with higher testing accuracy. If you want to buy upgraded lab products, you can get in touch with MBP INC. We deliver the most authentic and technically advanced equipment to restore every lab’s working capacity.

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