How Molecular Biology Products Inc. Is Assisting With Covid-19 shortage

How Molecular Biology Products Inc. Is Assisting With Covid-19 Shortage

The coronavirus (COVID-19) brought along a shortage of medical and Personal Protective Equipment. With the global pandemic increasing the case count to over 48.1 million, a global shortage has been observed. From the beginning of the pandemic, clinical laboratories have employed the use of SARS-CoV-2 tests to meet the rising demands.

However, the deficit of laboratory equipment has haltered the proficient administration of COVID-19 tests. Taking this increasing demand into consideration, Molecular Biology Products INC extended a line of high-quality products to facilitate COVID-19 testing.

What are the types of COVID-19 tests?

Currently, there are two types of diagnostic tests to assess the presence of coronavirus (COVID-19). The molecular tests, like the RT-PCR tests, discover the risk of infection by assessing the virus’s genetic material. This diagnostic test works by extracting a sample through a nasal or throat swab. However, in some cases, the saliva may also be collected. Molecular tests are one of the most effective tests for detecting COVID-19. They are also popular due to their ability to provide swift results. With molecular tests, the results can be returned within a day, or it may be delayed to one week, depending on the location.

The presence of COVID-19 is also detected using an antigen test, which examines the presence of certain proteins that are found in the virus. An antigen test is carried out by using a nasal or throat swab. The results are determined in one hour. While antigen tests are reliable, they do require additional molecular testing – in the case that the outcome shows negative results. An antigen test is unable to definitively eliminate the diagnoses of active coronavirus infection.

Additionally, an antibody test is also carried out to check the presence of antibodies. This is not a diagnostic test, rather, this examination evaluates the existence of antibodies, which are developed in the body- a few weeks after the body has been infected and recovered from the virus. The antibody test is administered via a finger stick or by drawing blood. Depending on the location, the results are determined within a day, or within three days. This test is primarily carried out to understand if the body was previously infected with COVID-19.  (Food and Drug Administration, 2020)

All COVID-19 tests require the use of molecular biology products, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Due to the shortage, Molecular Biology Products INC has extended a line of high-quality products to assist medical professionals with the safe administration of all COVID-19 related tests.

Molecular Biology Products for COVID-19

Molecular Biology Products INC offers safe equipment to assist healthcare facilities to continue their heroic operations with the right lab equipment. The following products are provided to certify a safe administration of all COVID-19 tests.


MBP inc features Nylon flocked swabs, which allow for the maximum specimen collection. The Nylon-based products hold the capacity of acquiring the most amount of specimens, in contrast to swabs created with other materials. At MBP inc, the safety of the products is prioritized. All the swabs are individually wrapped, sterilized, and created with non-toxic material. The Nasopharyngeal Swabs, and Oropharyngeal Swabs, which are used in both molecular and antigen tests, are supplied by MPB inc.

  • Nasopharyngeal Sampling Swabs

Nasopharyngeal swabs are used to detect different viruses and bacterial infections. The demand for these swabs grew significantly in 2020 due to COVID-19 taking over the whole world, and nasopharyngeal swabs have been the standard testing method to diagnose the disease. According to research, nasopharyngeal swabs are perceived to be more suitable for the detection of COVID-19 (Xiong, 2020).

The nasopharyngeal swabs feature perpendicular fibres, which facilitate the absorption of any liquids. This product has a soft texture, which makes it easy to collect the cellular material with a stroke.

  • The Oropharyngeal Swabs

The oropharyngeal swabs are also used to extract sample liquids. These include nylon fibers that enable it to collect the clinical sample and transfer it to jars. It comes with a plastic shaft that can be broken into the testing tube, so sequential collections can be facilitated.

Transport Tubes

Transport tubes enable the storage and transfer of biological materials. MPB inc provides transparent viles, which allows the tester to see the sample proficiently. Transport tubes are made up of unbreakable polypropylene. It features a screw cap that provides a leak-proof and easily detachable seals. The tubes have played a crucial role in testing during the COVID-19 pandemic, as they can facilitate the storage and preservation of lab specimens.

HighPrep™ Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit

The HighPrep™ Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit is able to isolate the total viral nucleic acids from the whole blood, its plasma, saliva, in addition to other bodily fluids. At MBP inc, the kit available has been altered and refined to suit the requirements of the global pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19). With a magnetic bead base, it facilitates rapid and effective isolation of RNA from the blood, serum, plasma, swabs, saliva, bodily fluids and MAWI iSwab. Once the RNA is extracted, it is being used for numerous applications, including the nucleic acid amplification, cloning, sequencing, along with enzymatic reactions. HighPrep™ Viral RNA kit facilitates manual workflows, and it can also be used in liquid handling.

The viral RNA isolation is typically applied in RT-qPCR, RT-PCR, virus detection, genotyping, and viral load monitoring.  The HighPrep™ Viral RNA kit includes a VDR Lysis, Buffer, HSW Buffer, Nuclease-Free Water, Pro K Solution, NBE and MAG-S1 Particles.

HighPrep™ Viral RNA kits have several benefits. They offer a dependable purification process that is adaptable to various automated liquid handling workstations. Additionally, this kit does not include any toxic organic solvents, therefore, it is safe for use.

Molecular Biology Products inc extends a series of laboratory equipment to facilitate the testing of COVID-19.  The company works with customers to provide astute solutions to overcome the shortage issue. At MBP inc, high-quality and reliable products are supplied at a quick pace.


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