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How Are Low-Retention Filter Tips For Rainin LTS Better To Prevent Contamination?

Filter Tips

In laboratories, scientists use low-retention filter tips, which fit onto the end of pipettes, to transfer liquid from one vessel to another. They discard pipettes after use, and the intention is to prevent cross-contamination. They use pipettes for various purposes, and thus, they discard them properly to prevent contamination. Pure virgin polypropylene material is used for making low-retention filter tips for Rainin LTS (LiteTouch System). And a rigorous test and inspection are conducted to maintain the highest purity standards.

MBP Inc., providing the highest quality pipette tips, PCR products, and many other lab consumables, will discuss pipette filter tips for Rainin LTS in this blog. The blog will let you know how these tips are better for preventing contamination and ensuring the well-being of humans. Keep reading!

Rainin LTS Filter Tips Are Best For Preventing Contamination

The best aspect of using Rainin Low Retention tips is that they have the advantage of being suspended above the liquid or sample surface. Standard manufacturing methods produce rough or imperfect fluoropolymer layers when liquid samples glide fluently into these tips. These BioCleanTM Rainin filter tips prevent biological contaminants from blocking the tip. You can find these filters in different sizes. Rainin LTS filter tips are perfect to meet your needs, whether you need a standard or a superior quality filter.

Rainin LTS Filter is a high-performance filter and is best to use with your pipettes. As mentioned earlier, the tips of the Rainin LTS Filter are made from high-quality 100% pure virgin medical grade polypropylene. Manufacturers use polypropylene to make pipette tips disposable, as this material pushes back aqueous liquids, ensuring low fluid retention within the tip.

Instead of human contact, automatic machines are used to manufacture these tips. The Rainin filter tips eliminate the potential of cross-contamination risk, and this is because they undergo a rigorous radiation pre-sterilization process. Therefore, these tips are certified sterile.

These advantages offered by the Rainin LTS Filter make it an ideal choice for scientists to perform various medical applications.

Rainin LTS Filter Tips – A low-cost Option

If you want a low-cost option, the Rainin LTS Filter is ideal for performing various purification applications. The best aspect of these tips is their LTS system that attaches a specially designed shaped nozzle to the LTS tip. The LTS pipette shaft has a cylindrical-shaped end that moves easily through a sealing ring at the top of the pipette tip. This system forms a perfect seal between the pipette and tips that make tips effortless to eject. The system then reduces tip ejection force by up to 85%, leading to a smoother purification workflow.

Their Positive-Stop design reduces ejection forces and tip attachment forces. If you want to use the Rainin LTS with Rainin pipettes, you can do so because they are compatible with Rainin pipettes.

LTS Sealing System

The LiteTouch System ensures the low forces and exceptional comfort. As mentioned earlier, the Rainin LTS perfectly forms the seal between the pipette and tips. This feature makes your tips effortless to eject.

In addition to offering reduced tip ejection forces, LTS pipettes are also comfortable to use. These pipette tips have different sizes and shapes, meeting all strict requirements for cleanliness. The tips are in high demand because they improve the productivity in the lab by reducing hand tiredness and letting users stay focused on the research.

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is common among researchers who use low-quality pipette tips. So, the LTS tip sealing system is the best aspect of the Rainin LTS, eliminating the risk of RSI.

Final Words

A special resin is used to make these low-retention filter tips, so they reduce the possibility of sample retention inside the tip. These tips help researchers minimize the potential of sample loss when performing research. These tips fit will Rainin LTS pipettes, as discussed in this blog. We hope this blog will help you know Rainin LTS Filter Tips are better for preventing the risk of contamination. You can bet on the reliability and superior performance of Rainin LTS Filter Tips.

If you want Rainin LTS filter tips to do good research, MBP Inc. will serve you by providing the highest quality pipette tips. Whether you need filter tips for Rainin LTS, Tecan filter tips, Hamilton Conductive filter tips, or anyone you need. We offer the best customer service at any time, every day of the week. So, you can contact us anytime without any hesitation.

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