HIV and the battle against it: Here’s how MBP is dedicated to supporting research to find solutions against the Global epidemic of HIV

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The wide prevalence of the Covid-19 virus is the first time many people got to know what a pandemic is. But pandemics have come and went throughout the history of mankind. Fortunately, this time we have the right progress in the field of microbiology that helped us find the Covid-19 pandemic.

Yet, there’s one silent pandemic that’s a constant threat to the world. While WHO still calls HIV the global epidemic, many experts are of a different view. They believe that HIV has spread enough to be called a pandemic. Whatever the label, the point remains that HIV is a silent threat that’s ticking like a time bomb. Until something ground-breaking is discovered to fight against it, there’ll be millions of lives at stake.

This article shall discuss a few facts about HIV that can help people know more about the virus and let them take necessary measures to avoid catching it.

HIV isn’t specific to a certain group of people

There’s a general myth that HIV can only happen to homosexuals. Some time back, AIDS was also referred to as the ‘gay virus’. While gays and bisexuals do have a greater risk of contracting the virus, research has substantially proven the heterosexual people can also have it.

You can have the virus and be unaware of it

The initial symptoms of the virus are common symptoms that one can have when they contract the flu. That makes it easily mistaken for regular flu, and people don’t really think of getting checked for HIV. The virus can remain dormant and undiagnosed for years.

Some people show zero symptoms altogether. This makes the virus transmissible without the victim knowing in the first place. That’s what makes the virus deadly.

Prevention is the only solution

HIV can be easily transmitted from one individual to another via the exchange of body fluids. This doesn’t only include sexual ways of transmission, but drug paraphernalia is another common way of HIV transmission. (Klimas, et al., 2008) The best way to get around HIV is to have safe sex and avoid sharing drug needles.

Plus, people should also get tested at least once a year to be sure whether or not they have the virus. Early diagnosis can make the virus manageable. Plus, those who are at high risk of contracting the virus should always be under a doctor’s assistance. That way the risk of catching the virus can be mitigated.

For example, pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP can lower the risk of sexually catching HIV by up to 90%.

Not all types of contact can transmit HIV

HIV, unlike the Covid-19, isn’t transmitted by regular contact such as handshakes, hugging, kissing or even sharing a toilet with the affected person. People are often paranoid that they may catch HIV just by sitting next to someone with HIV. That’s a myth.

Also, it’s not transmitted by body sweat or tears.

You can test yourself at home

FDA has allowed several kits in the markets that can easily detect HIV at home. It now becomes a responsibility of the individuals who think they are at risk to get tested and diagnose HIV as early as possible.

However, it is best to visit a doctor and get tested with a proper protocol.

Final Words

HIV is a deadly disease that’s silently threatening the world population. Medical facilities and research centers are working hard to find ways to kill the virus or manage it in a better way.

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