Here are 5 challenges that microbiologists face

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The microbiology field is progressing on the whole. Never before in the history of mankind were we so advanced in the knowledge of microbes. Such knowledge has helped us cater to numerous viruses and bacteria and have an in-depth understanding of the way humans interact with microorganisms.
This isn’t a small feat. Because of the developments in the field, we now have medicines to cure and mitigate serious life-threatening diseases. However, there are always limitations on the way to progress. This article shall address the challenges and the limitations that microbiologists face:

Making Microbiology programs compliant

Considering the sensitivity of the field, the regulations that govern microbiology are revisited and changed frequently. The microbiology programs have to be in strict compliance with the 2004 FDA Aseptic Processing Guide and revisions to the compendial microbial tests.
This means that once new guidelines are in place, they have to be strictly followed. The operating procedures will then have to be revised, and the staff will be required to be retrained. Managers of the relevant departments and teams will always need to ensure that compliance is maintained because penalties for non-compliance can be high.
Regular audits are conducted to see that the policies and regulations are properly followed.

Lack of reliable equipment and products

Microbiology is all about the right research. That’s the only way to move forward. Unfortunately, a lot of the time, microbiologists are limited by substandard equipment. This causes serious hindrances in achieving the results that the microbiologists are looking for.
With substandard products, sample contamination becomes a serious issue. This leads to time delays or skewed results, which is something that’s unacceptable in the field.

Lack of funds

Oftentimes, the researchers aren’t readily given the funds that are needed to conduct the research. (Vu & Carvalho, 2011) Unless there’s something urgent like Covid-19 or HIV that requires research, funds are often squeezed for the labs and research.
This is one serious problem that’s stopping the field from progressing exponentially.
Lack of trained staff
This is another problem that the microbiology labs often seem concerned about. At times, brilliant researches and lab facilities fall helpless to the incompetent staff members.

Growing amidst the limitations

The limitations and challenges mentioned above are amongst the most common ones that field professionals face. With conscious efforts to eliminate the limitations, progress can be made. That’s the only way forward. On the whole, microbiology as a field is vastly contributing to global progress. Because of this field, we now have extensive knowledge of the microbes that allow us to understand the microorganisms better.

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Final Words

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Vu, J., & Carvalho, J. (2011). Enterococcus: review of its physiology, pathogenesis, diseases and the challenges it poses for clinical microbiology. Frontier In Biology.

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