Cryogenic Vials

Exploring The Use Of Cryogenic Vials For Stem Cells Storage And Preservation

Cryogenic Vials For Stem Cells

Cryogenic vials are specially designed containers that store biological samples at shallow temperatures, typically below -150°C. These temperatures are necessary to preserve the goodness of samples like DNA, RNA, cells, and tissues. The importance of using cryogenic vials for storage lies in their ability to protect the specimen for long periods without degradation, allowing for future use in research and analysis.

Cryogenic vials also protect against contamination and are typically made of materials that can withstand extreme temperatures without cracking or breaking. Using these vials is essential in fields such as biotechnology, medical research, and drug development, where preserving samples is crucial for accurate and reliable results. The following is the intended use of cryogenic vials for stem cells restoration and preservation:


Using these vials is like time capsules for stem cells, preserving their potential for an uncertain future. These specially designed containers provide the perfect temperature for storing stem cells, allowing them to be locked away for years or even decades without degradation. Imagine the possibilities, stem cells collected today could be the cure for diseases that haven’t been discovered yet.

Protect From Contaminations

These are known as the fortresses for stem cells, protecting them from the harsh realities of the outside world. These specially designed containers provide a safe haven for stem cells, shielding them from degradation and contamination. Inside the vials, stem cells are preserved in their purest form, ready to be unleashed when the time is right. The reliability of these cells is vital for research and therapy. Cryogenic vials ensure that stem cells remain true to their nature, unaltered by the passage of time. With these vials, stem cells are kept safe and sound, ready to fulfill their potential when called upon.

Suspended Animation

They provide a preservation method that allows stem cells to be stored in a state of suspended animation, which refers to a metabolic state where the cells are not actively growing or dividing but also not dying. This conservation method maintains the ability of stem cells to differentiate into other cell types, which is a crucial aspect of their potential use in therapy.

Cost-effective Procedure  

The small capped vials areefficient and cost-effective for preserving and storing stem cells. One of the main benefits of using cryogenic vials is their ability to minimize the need for frequent collection and storage of new cells. This saves resources and reduces the cost associated with repeated collection and storage of cells. The reusability of these vials enhances their functionality and reduces the further cost which is incurred in research and development.

Easy To Handle

Each vial features slim profile design caps equipped with tight-sealing lids that prevent contamination and ensure the cells’ integrity during transportation. They are also lightweight and easy to handle, which makes them ideal for transport. Furthermore, it is used for stem cell transportation and allows for the easy delivery of cells in research, clinical trials, and therapy in different locations and institutions.

Regenerative Medicine 

Cryo tubes provide an essential tool for preserving stem cells for regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine is a field of medicine that aims to restore or replace damaged tissue and organs by using stem cells. The differentiation into distinct stem cell types creates them ideal for regenerative medicine. However, stem cells are susceptible to environmental changes and degradation, which makes preservation and storage a critical step. In this crucial stage, cryogenic vials provide a way to store stem cells at extremely low temperatures, preserving their ability to differentiate into other cell types.

Other Applications

The ability to store and preserve stem cells for future studies opens up new opportunities for research in areas such as disease modeling, drug development, and regenerative medicine. For example, researchers can study the effects of different treatments on stored stem cells rather than having to collect new cells for each study. It not only saves time and resources but also increases the reliability of the research results. Cryogenic vials also facilitate the sharing of cells among researchers, allowing for collaboration and advancing stem cell study.

Final Words

Cryovials are a powerful tool in stem cell preservation and storage. These specially designed containers provide the perfect temperature for storing stem cells, sustaining their potential for future use in research and therapy. The benefits of using cryogenic vials are numerous, from protecting stem cells from degradation and contamination to maintaining their ability to differentiate into other cell types. But for all this research, you need the finest quality cryogenic vials, which are available on MBP Inc. We understand the importance of reliable and efficient sample preservation. That’s why we only use the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes to ensure that our products meet your high standards, such as Erlenmeyer flasks. Contact us now and experience the peace of mind of knowing your samples are in safe hands.

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