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Everything You Need To Know About Laboratory Tube Collection

Laboratory tube collection is a complex procedure of withdrawing blood samples from patients. These blood samples are required to determine the type and the extent of disease prevailing inside the body. This collection of blood samples goes through several different stages. Numerous kinds of tests are carried out with the help of laboratory tube collection. Therefore, it is considered as one of the essentials for the identification of testing procedures. That’s why it is crucial to use high-quality testing tubes to prevent any allergic reaction. Among many other companies, Molecular Biology Products is well-known for providing hygienic and top-quality tubes and swabs. 


What Does Different Colors Of Lab Tubes Indicate

At the laboratories, different colorful tubes are available for each test. The color of the tube determines its purpose and the reason for the draw of blood. The following color tubes are commonly used in laboratories. 


  • Light Blue:

This tube is known as a ‘citrate tube’ that is used to perform coagulation studies. Sodium citrate is used in this tube as an anti-coagulant. 


  • Red:

No additive or anti-coagulant is available in this tube. The blood is allowed to clot for 10-15 minutes before it is set for centrifugation. 


  • Green:

Green tubes are frequently used for immediate blood chemistry results. The blood produced in this tube is needed for testing plasma. 


  • Lavender:

These tubes are referred to as EDTA ( Ethylene diamine-tetra-acetic acid). Its primary purpose in anti-coagulation is to bond the calcium ions in the blood to prevent coagulation. 


  • Grey:

Grey tubes contain potassium and sodium fluoride, which serves as an antiglycolytic agent. For this reason, it is used for plasma glucose and lactic acid testing. 


Apart from these standard coloured tubes, many other tubes are also used for medical and clinical purposes. The elements of tubes require adequate mixing with the blood for the identification of the test. Therefore, extra care and caution are needed for carrying out efficient laboratory tube collection. 


Clinical Significance:

The importance of accurate withdraw of blood is necessary to ensure proper identification and analysis of the disease. Any shortcomings and false procedures result in unreliable results. Therefore, special attention is required to prevent any incorrect and flawed diagnoses. 


If the laboratory management does not cross-check the result, the inaccurate result will reach the clinicians and doctors. Due to this situation, the chances of malpractice of medical professionals will occur. Especially in the emergency ward, any kind of misunderstanding and false analysis leads to unsettling circumstances. 


It is vital to expand the additional information related to laboratory studies and prevent laboratory errors. These studies and information will help to make the clinical diagnoses relevant and free from inaccuracy.


Medical Team Interventions:

The laboratory tube collection is mainly the responsibility of the laboratory staff. However, the other medical professionals must know the primary knowledge of tube collection and other laboratory essentials. That’s why it is imperative that non-laboratory staff also assist during the collection of the blood samples. This assistance has a significant effect on the care system of patients. 


A convenient way to let the non-laboratory staff know about the techniques of blood sample collection is by organizing seminars and conferences. In these seminars, a lab manager can provide information and discussions regarding using different kinds of tubes. 


Eventually, the primary purpose of these medical team interventions is to make each department aware of the importance of other departments. In this way, nurses, allied health, and the interprofessional team will learn adequate laboratory procedures. 


Medical Team Monitoring:

Team monitoring is an effective practice to increase the efficiency of medical care. Especially in the healthcare department, team monitoring is an instant way of elevating the patient care system. A peer review is followed to monitor the procedures and recommend the changes. This peer review helps to develop connectedness among the medical team. All the shortcomings are detected through professionals and rectified to ensure adequate health care. 


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