Essential Protective Equipment For Laboratory Workers

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a necessity for people who work in the lab on an everyday basis. In a laboratory, technicians carry out a variety of tests in which they have to handle everything from infectious disease samples to dangerous chemicals. For such reasons, it is extremely important that they have the right PPE to ensure their safety. 

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Although before you go to buy, you should know what you need to buy. In this blog, we will tell you about the pieces of equipment that are essential when it comes to personal protection.

  • Head And Ears Protection

 One of the most overlooked areas when it comes to buying PPE is the head and ear. There are a lot of laboratories where the use of PPE for the head and ears is extremely critical. 

In a lab, there are instances where technicians are exposed to loud situations. This can eventually lead to some serious damage to the person’s hearing and might even impact their ability to perform their job. Here, you will find earplugs to be very useful. Although you can find a bunch of them in the market, you should always opt for ones that perfectly fit your ears. They should not have any gaps through which loud noises might flow. 

Similarly, if you work at a lab where you might be exposed to overhead dangers, you must invest in a quality helmet. Head injuries can be quite serious, so it is important that you prevent them from happening. 

In addition to that, you should also invest in good-quality head covers if you work around sensitive materials. There is less risk of you contaminating the sample and altering your final results. 

  • Protection For The Eyes

One of the most critical areas when it comes to lab safety is the protection of the eyes. There are several instances where a lab worker might be working with elements that are hazardous to the eyes. These usually include materials that are liquid or even gaseous in nature.  

Now, there are a lot of PPE that are specially designed to protect the workers from different hazards around them. Safety Glasses are one of them. They are put in place in order to protect the worker from elements that might strike them directly. Another piece of equipment is the Safety Goggles, which are employed to protect a person against splashes occurring as a result of dangerous chemicals. These goggles prevent such splashes from making contact with your eye, which may result in permanent damage. 

  • Hand And Foot Protection

Every lab worker should make sure that they have access to the essential PPE when it comes to protecting their hand and feet.

The most basic type of protection, in this case, are gloves. They are meant to be every lab worker, regardless of the work they are carrying out. Gloves are especially important when you are handling hazardous chemicals. When it comes to gloves, there are three common materials that are associated with them, latex, nitrile, and vinyl. Although out of the three, nitrile gloves are the most popular among lab workers. (International EnviroGaurd)

Coming onto the protection of feet, it is critical that every person wears closed-toe shoes at all times in the lab. This ensures that your feet are safe from any spills of hazardous chemicals. However, some labs, in order to maintain a clean environment and safety, ask technicians to also wear booties atop their shoes. These are small white nylon covers for the bottom of your shoes and are mainly worn in labs dealing with sensitive materials. This also prevents the lab workers from carrying the dangerous elements outside the lab.

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