Essential Molecular Biology Lab Equipment That Every Lab Should Have

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Microbiology labs are places where delicate places where a lot of important experimentation goes on. And for that kind of experimentation to be conducted perfectly, it needs to be done with the right kind of equipment.

When setting a lab up for the very first time can be a bit complicated. And some care is required to ensure that it is stocked the right way with all kinds of equipment that is required for proper experimentation. Some equipment is optional, while other equipment is absolutely essential, and without it, a laboratory can’t function. This can range from things as simple as serological pipettes and PCR plates to machines like centrifuges and such.

This blog will outline the essential equipment that a lab needs to function properly. Keep reading to find out.

Essential Molecular Biology Lab Equipment

1.     Sterilization Equipment [1]

First and foremost, the lab has to be clean. Sterilization is the most important part of every experiment. Any sort of cross-contamination or intrusion into an experiment can not only skew the results but also ruin them. There are certain standards of sterilization and cleanliness that have been defined that every laboratory must adhere to. So, the first most important piece of equipment that you will need is an autoclave. The autoclave works by billing water to create steam and pressure. This kills the bacteria present on surfaces that you place in the autoclave. Though, you have to be careful about what kind of components you put inside the autoclave. Though most things and substances will be able to handle the heat, certain things will not be able to handle it, and you have to know their reaction to heat in advance.

2.     Temperature-Controlled Storage

Some materials, substances, and components require to be kept at a certain temperature. They need to be in specific temperature conditions. Otherwise, they will go bad or become unstable. And during the experimentation process, certain substances need to be preserved at certain temperatures, too, while other tests are conducted. So, in that case, you need an incubator. This machine will keep things set at an ideal and controlled temperature. You will also need a deep refrigerator for larger cold storage purposes.

3.     Separation & Combination

In a lab, half the time, the job is separating substances to derive individual samples or mixing them together to create a testable sample. That requires both heating them and cooling them down. For that, a water bath is quite essential that keeps temperatures controlled. This can help put them in a more moldable and malleable state.

Additionally, you also need a centrifuge for separation. If your lab will be conducting high-volume experiments, then it is highly recommended to get a centrifuge with high RPM for the best performance.

4.     The Essentials

Of course, you have to have all the smaller things, from pipettes to pipette tips, test tubes, PCR plates, and all the other essentials. You can have all the high-quality, but these things are indispensable when it comes to actually conduct the experiments. After all, how will the researchers work with their hands without equipment like this?

This also includes things like bottles, funnels, flasks, and other containers. Burners and other catalysts must also be present. And, of course, the appropriate safety equipment. You have to keep all the people in the lab safe. This includes safety glasses, coats, aprons, gloves, and other essential safety equipment too.

There is also other equipment like Erlenmeyer flasks, Petri dishes, cryogenic vials for storage, and much more. Molecular biology is a complicated field, and it requires such equipment to make sure all experiments are carried out without issue.

In Conclusion

All this equipment and these components are what make a laboratory. Without this, a laboratory can’t be used appropriately. These are the standards that every high-tech laboratory must adhere to. There is also other equipment that must be included in a laboratory.

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