Easy Process Of Preparing DNA Ladder For Biological Laboratories

Preparing DNA Ladder

The use of a DNA ladder is very common in the process of biological experiments and screenings. Its main purpose is to identify the size of the DNA fragments. The achievement of this purpose takes place through electrophoresis. The DNA ladder is frequently used in the field of genetics. The manufacturing of this ladder requires several materials and techniques. By following accurate procedures and tools, the development of a DNA ladder becomes evident. 


Numerous considerations have been taken into account before preparing a DNA ladder. All these considerations ensure to produce a suitable product without any potential errors. 


What Is DNA Ladder

A DNA Ladder is a standardized fragment of DNA. Its use is to identify the molecular weight and size of the amplicons. It comes under the category of molecular measurement instrument. There are a variety of different ladders available for measuring the amplicons. It contains a solution of several other molecular weight fragments. This solution makes the ladder viable for determining the fragment size. 


It is a significant element of gel electrophoresis. Due to this ladder, the weight of the unknown DNA molecules becomes visible. In the laboratory procedures of DNA, these ladders are the essential instrument in the process. 


The common properties of a DNA ladder are 


  • All the DNA fragments are separate from each other.
  • Each DNA has enough space to make the gel visible.
  • The component of the gel is compatible with the ladder.
  • The ladder must be durable and suitable for long-term use.
  • It is adequately purified and only for the use of weighing DNA fragments. 


Techniques to Make DNA Ladder:

The DNA ladder uses different methods for its development. Some of the common techniques used for manufacturing the ladder are:

  • Litigation Method:

It is the most traditional method of preparing the DNA ladder. It involves joining fragments of 100bp by the phosphodiester bonds. It further creates fragments of 200bp to 100bp. Although this method is traditional, it still produces a high-quality ladder. 

  • Restriction Digestion Method:

In this process, the endonuclease is used to prepare a DNA ladder. It creates fragments of different sizes that help in the measurement of amplicons. Moreover, the fragments achieved from restriction have a more purified form. That’s why they can be easily used as a DNA ladder. 

  • PCR Amplification:

For preparing a DNA ladder through this process, a PCR reaction is necessary to set up. This way, it helps to achieve amplification for all fragments. It is vital to be aware of the complete procedure for the preparation of the PCR reaction. It’ll be useful to prepare a suitable ladder without any defects.


Considerations For Preparing DNA Ladder:

It is necessary to keep in mind some helpful considerations before preparing a DNA ladder. It’ll help to follow an appropriate procedure without experiencing any inconveniences. 


  • Ensure the purification of the ladder.
  • Use high-quality materials for the procedure.
  • Try to select an accurate method that fits best according to the standard size of the DNA ladder. 
  • Choose the right size for PCR products.
  • Select the accurate amount of samples for the measurement.


Common Uses Of DNA Ladder:

As stated above, the DNA ladder is suitable for determining the size and molecular weight of the DNA fragments. It makes the ladder a convenient way of measurement for several purposes. Its most common use is in the process of electrophoresis. 


Moreover, in the medicine, biotechnology, and agriculture fields, the consumption of this ladder is widely prevalent. Its benefits and convenience have led to the easy detection of the weight of DNA molecules with discretion. 


To conclude, many top-quality DNA ladders are also available in the market. These ladders ensure to fulfill their purpose by carrying out efficient measurements of the DNA fragments. At MBP INC, a 1kb Plus DNA Ladder is available along with other biological products. We provide quality products for laboratories, screening, and satisfy our customers with outstanding services. 



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