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Benefits Of Using PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit By ABM

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Mycoplasma is one contagious bacteria that’s highly undesirable, easy to acquire, and very difficult to detect. This bacteria alters infected cells at the molecular level, leading to evident modifications in cell morphology and other growth characteristics.

Detecting Mycoplasma in cell cultures is vital to prevent widespread contamination and save hefty bucks on elimination efforts. Using a PCR mycoplasma detection kit by ABM, you can detect mycoplasma bacteria and avert yourself from any unforeseen situation.

In this blog, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of Mycoplasma and how to detect it using a PCR mycoplasma detection kit by ABM, following the benefits of the detection kit.

What Mycoplasma Spreads?

Mycoplasma pneumoniae are bacteria that cause illness by damaging the part of your respiratory system (for instance, lungs, throat, or windpipe). The bacteria mainly resides in people’s noses or throats. As soon as they cough or sneeze, it spreads through the air in the form of tiny droplets, thereby disseminating mycoplasma infections, among others. Besides, a few types of Mycoplasma also spread via sexual contact.

Why Should You Test Your Cells for Mycoplasma?

Since the bacteria are microscopic, Mycoplasma might exist in your growth media without showing any visible signs. This hidden presence can lead to significant errors in your experimentation due to its effects on the following:

  • Metabolism
  • Proliferation
  • Gene synthesis & processing
  • Adhesion properties, etc.

How Is Mycoplasma Diagnosed?

Generally, your healthcare practitioner is responsible for diagnosing a mycoplasma infection after knowing about your symptoms and obtaining the history of your illness. To further detect Mycoplasma, doctors recommend a chest X-ray to confirm a mycoplasma pneumoniae infection. Meanwhile, other tests help in detecting Mycoplasma in humans, which are:

Culture test: A culture test seeks the growth of Mycoplasma from tissue or blood samples. It isn’t generally used for respiratory contaminations but can assist you with the diagnosis of sexually transmitted mycoplasma infections.

Serology test: This one takes a sample of your blood for antibodies to determine if your immune system is battling mycoplasma infection.

PCR test (polymerase chain reaction test): In this type of test, a swab collects the fluid, mainly from your nose or throat, to identify genetic material from Mycoplasma. This one is used in sporadic cases.

Using of PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit ABM For Mycoplasma Detection

In order to prevent mycoplasma infections, you can take advantage of ABM’s PCR Mycoplasma detection kit, which offers the most precise and sensitive detection of over 200 mycoplasma strains in a matter of minutes.

This cost-effective solution for abrupt mycoplasma detection enables scientists and healthcare practitioners to detect the illness early, allowing them sufficient time to develop more advanced remedies for its treatment. Here’s how the PCR Mycoplasma detection kit by ABM helps you:

  • No DNA isolation required: You can directly add cell culture supernatants to the PCR reaction using our PCR mycoplasma detection kit ABM
  • Quick: You can obtain results in even less than an hour
  • Comprehensive: Our equipment can identify over two hundred Mycoplasma species
  • Extremely sensitive and specific: Our PCR mycoplasma detection kit ABM has the highest true positive and lowest false positive rates in contrast with other competing kits
  • Easy to navigate: The kit includes a ready-to-use primer mix and positive control
  • Consistency in Results: Our kit has been tested by various disease control and prevention centers to ensure you get unwavering results every single time.

Get ABM’s PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit From MBP Inc.

If you’re looking for a reliable place to order your PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit by ABM, then there’s no place better than MBP Inc. Our PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit is easy to use and comes with included controls and easy-to-interpret results.

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