An Ultimate Guide to Erlenmeyer Flasks

In the laboratory, multiple processes consist of handling and storing chemical substances. To handle these substances, you require glassware to hold, mix, and store these substances. The Erlenmeyer Flask is one of the most common glassware in any laboratory. Chemistry and biology labs have mainly used these flasks. Here in this blog, we will discuss what actual Erlenmeyer Flasks are, how it differs from the beaker, their types, and other essential factors.

What is an Erlenmeyer Flask?

An Erlenmeyer flask is a glassware with a broad flat base and a conical body that tapers upward into a cylindrical neck. It is used in labs for mixing, heating, cooling, incubating, filtrating, and storing liquids. These flasks are named after Emil Erlenmeyer, a German chemist that produced these flasks. The flasks are also called conical flasks or titration flasks.

To perform titrations, the shape of these flasks helps stop spillage and provides to a swirling motion. Thanks to its narrow opening, which prevents dust contamination and reduces losses by evaporation.

How A Beaker is Different From an Erlenmeyer Flask?

While the Erlenmeyer Flask is identical to the beaker, there are some significant differences. The main difference is the shape between an Erlenmeyer Flask and a beaker. The beaker comes with a cylindrical shape and flat bottom, whereas the Erlenmeyer Flask contains a flat bottom and conical shape. Erlenmeyer Flasks are available in a tapered body and narrow neck. Beakers come with a lip and spout for pouring and contain a sizeable open-mouthed jar.

Measuring and transporting liquid are essentially done using Beakers. While using Erlenmeyer Flasks holding, mixing, heating, measuring, boiling chemicals, chemical reactions, and phase changes are performed. Erlenmeyer Flasks also can be capped or corked for storage and mixing. In case of accuracy, the Erlenmeyer Flask takes a slight edge over a beaker.

How Do You Read An Erlenmeyer Flask?

There are graduated marks on the side to read approximate volumes in Erlenmeyer Flask; however, they are not very accurate. For instance, you will see a graduated line marked 10, 20, 30, and 40, but nothing is marked between those numbers. So, you cannot know precisely where 13, 26, or 34 would be on the Erlenmeyer Flask. The readings marked plus or minus 5% show on the flask. It makes it impossible to identify very accurate measurements with these flasks. So, volumetric flasks are the perfect option for exact measurements with a tolerance of less than 0.2%.

Different Types Of Erlenmeyer Flasks

Here are the different types of Erlenmeyer flasks used in laboratories as follows:

  • Erlenmeyer Flask with Screw Cap: These are either plastic or glass and consist of screw tops for mixing or storage. Graduated markings display approximate volumes.
  • Plastic Erlenmeyer Flask: Polypropylene flasks are autoclavable for mixing or solution storage.
  • Borosilicate Glass Erlenmeyer Flask: Borosilicate glass flasks are for mixing, storing, and culturing. These glass flasks are designed for the best thermal shock resistance and physical strength combination.
  • Erlenmeyer Conical Flasks: These flasks have a tapered body and narrow neck with a flat base and conical shape. They are manufactured of either plastic or glass.
  • Erlenmeyer Culture Flasks are manufactured to attain the best health, consistency, and reproducibility. They exist in multiple sizes, cap types, and neck styles. Plastic Erlenmeyer flasks are pre-sterilized, used in cell culture, and created with vented closures to improve gas exchange during incubation and shaking.

Where To Buy Erlenmeyer Flasks?

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