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All You Need To Know About Pipette Tips And Their Advantages

While experimenting, precision is the most crucial factor. If the accuracy gets compromised at

at any level, the experiment can go to waste. While using a pipette, the precision and accuracy of

even the best-calibrated pipettes can get eliminated if the wrong kind of tip is chosen.

Depending on the nature of your experiment, if the tip is not compatible, it can also make your

pipette a source of contamination, resulting in the waste of precious samples or expensive

reagents. Also, it can cause you physical harm in the form of repetitive stress injury (RSI) along

with a lot of time wasted. If you’re new to the term of filter tips, here is all you need to know about



What Are Pipette Tips?

Pipette Tips are autoclavable attachments designed for the uptaking and dispensing of liquids

using a pipette. Micropipettes are used in several Diagnostic laboratories, which can use these

tips to dispense liquids for PCR analyses. Laboratories that analyze industrial products may

also use micropipette tips for dispensing their testing products such as paint, caulk, etc. Each tip

has a holding capacity of around 0.01ul up to 5mL. Molded plastics are used to manufacture

these clear tips and allow for an easy view of the contents. Micropipette tips are available in

many types, including non-sterile, sterile, filtered, and non-filtered. All of them should be DNase,

RNase, DNA, and pyrogen-free. (Lab Compare).


Advantages Of Pipette Tips:

Liquid handling is a significant part of laboratory experiments. Though it is a hassle-free process

when handling bigger volumes, it can become a challenge when analyzing minute quantities in

microliters. That is when Pipette tips come to help. Here is how Pipette tips can make liquid

sample handling a lot easier and accurate:

  •  They Provide Precision:

Precision and accuracy are the keys to any successful lab experiment. Keeping this in mind,

careful measurement of each material or chemical in the experiment is crucial to get the best

results. That is where pipette tips become a blessing. With them, specific and accurate amounts

of the sample can be measured as precisely as possible without any errors. This helps in getting

more accurate results. Hamilton Tips are an excellent example.

  •  They Are Easy To Use:

Pipetting is a must-know technique for all scientists and experimenters. Sample handling is just

not possible if a person lacks this basic skill. It is even taught to high school students,

considering how important this technique is. Despite its significance, pipetting is relatively easy

and can be made easier using pipette tips. Learning the use of pipette tips is a valuable and

simple skill. With the right kind of tips, anyone can learn the pipetting technique.

  • They Can Also Be Sterile:

If your experiment requires sterility, like cell culture, the use of pipette tips is crucial. They can

not only reduce cross-contamination, but if you use the right kind of tips, you’ll also get better

results. Sterile tips are not often since not all scientific research needs to be sterile. Pre-

sterilized pipette tips free of any DNA, RNase, ATP, or pyrogens are also available to keep your experiment free of contamination. This ensures better and more accurate results.

  •  They’re Efficient And Time-saving:

The most valued thing in science is efficiency, especially with lab experiments. While handling

samples, an experimenter has to be quick and steady at the same time, or it’ll result in a waste of time and precious reagents. By reducing the need for more complicated and time-consuming instruments, pipette tips allow the experimenter to perform experiments quickly and easily.

Reducing the time ultimately increases the overall efficiency.

  •  They Offer Diversity:

Different conditions, materials, and methods are used for every lab experiment. All of them involve analyses of different types and quantities of the sample. This is where pipette tips can make an experiment easier according to its requirements. They come in all different kinds and

sizes, so no matter what your experiment is, it’s almost a guarantee that you can find the specific kind of pipette tip that you need. (Marathon LS)


To Wrap Up:

In light of all this, you should use Pipette tips for your experiments to make them precise and a

it’s a lot easier. To get the best pipette tips and other products like Filter tips Biomek i5 and

hamilton tips, visit Molecular Biology Products.


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