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All You Need To Know About BingleSeq

RNA sequencing is a high-throughput sequencing strategy considered as an irreplaceable exploration device utilized in a wide scope of transcriptome examination contemplates. The most widely recognized use of RNA Sequencing is Differential Expression examination and it is utilized to decide genetic loci with particular articulation across various conditions.


 Then again, an arising field called single-cell RNA sequencing is utilized for transcriptome profiling at the individual cell level. The standard conventions for both these kinds of investigations remember the handling of sequencing libraries and result for the age of tally frameworks. An impediment to these investigations and the obtaining of significant outcomes is that both require programming skill.


Although RNA-Seq is still a technology under active development, it offers several key advantages over existing technologies. First, unlike hybridization-based approaches, RNA-Seq is not limited to detecting transcripts that correspond to existing genomic sequences. For example, 454-based RNA-Seq has been used to sequence the transcriptome of the Glanville fritillary butterfly. This makes RNA-Seq particularly attractive for non-model organisms with genomic sequences that are yet to be determined. 


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RNA-Seq can reveal the precise location of transcription boundaries to a single-base resolution. Furthermore, 30-bp short reads from RNA-Seq give information about how two exons are connected, whereas longer reads or pair-end short reads should reveal connectivity between multiple exons. These factors make RNA-Seq useful for studying complex transcriptomes. In addition, RNA-Seq can also reveal sequence variations (for example, SNPs).



BingleSeq was created as a natural application that gives an easy to use answer for the examination of tally grids delivered by both Bulk and Single-cell RNA-Seq tests. This was accomplished by building an intuitive dashboard-like UI which joins three best in class programming bundles for each sort of the previously mentioned investigations. Moreover, BingleSeq incorporates extra highlights, for example, representation strategies, broad practical explanation examination and rank-based agreement for differential quality investigation results. Thus, BingleSeq puts the absolute best evaluated and most broadly utilized bundles and instruments for RNA-Seq investigations at the fingertips of scientists with no programming experience. (Gener, 2010)



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