Our slogan is “Committed To Serve Life Science,” which is not achieved single-handedly. With our team’s dedication to our valued research partners, we strive in providing our partners with the ability to grow and process beyond measures, through outstanding services. We are here to provide innovative solutions to the life science industry and add a personal connection to each of our valued customers. Our company takes pride in our ability to provide complete customer satisfaction; our unwavering ambition to move forward and our unparalleled determination to reach our goals. Each day we step closer to achieving these goals by providing the best that we have to offer, each and every day.


MBP was founded in 2004, when Mufaddal Cutler had a dream of making lab
consumables and reagents more accessible to scientists in his home country
of Pakistan. After this vision, MBP has supplied products to several institutes
across Pakistan, Bangladesh, and South African countries. These products
were instrumental in research use, and the healthcare sectors of these

In 2019, MBP expanded its humble operations to North America to meet the
much needed requirement of smaller family based lab supply companies that
provide a personal level of customer service. With the industry being
monopolized by large companies with 2 day email response times, MBP made
it a priority to change this customer service standard within the industry. We
are proud to now be preferred vendors for world renowned institutes such as
Harvard University, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Public Health Ontario,
and the World Health Orgnization. MBP is known for their honesty, and
reliability amongst scientists across North America


We strive for complete client support, no matter the time of day! We believe that the scientific community must have access to someone to answer the questions every day of the week. If you are working at your labs, we are working right there with you. One of the most important aspects of our sales process is the ideology that the sale does not end after the product ships. You will find our team consistently reaching out to introduce new solutions to your workflow, and ensuring that each order was left with complete client satisfaction. We are here for the long term.