Why Every Lab Requires Liquid Handling Devices

Medical and research laboratories stock up on a number of liquid handling devices for various applications. A lot of lab tests and experiments are done on body fluids, chemicals, and other kinds of liquids. That is why, it is important to have the right type of handling devices to ensure accurate outputs.

From PCR plates to cryogenic vials, there is a whole range of lab equipment that is required to perform microbiological applications. But when it comes to liquid handling, the labware ranges from simple pipettes to automated workstations. Depending upon the type of applications your lab covers, you should acquire these devices to avoid spills and contamination.

Liquid Handling Devices Help These Lab Applications Yield Accurate Results:

Here is a list of applications that require appropriate liquid handling gear for optimal results. 

  • Drug Development:

Drug development is a domain that has encountered advancements throughout the past few years. With these developments, the liquid handling protocols and devices also evolved to put up with the modem-day requirements. Manual operations are slowly becoming obsolete and laboratories are adopting automation. This is achieved by installing high throughput workstations that incorporate automation in the workflow.

According to experts, labs working on modern drug discovery require automation because it helps deliver accurate results, and that too, in minimal time. With robotic handling tools, scientists can stop worrying about maintaining sterility in their 5ml or 10 ml plastic tubes, allowing them to focus on the research part of the drug instead. 

The world of drug exploration has taken a step forward with automated systems that allow scientists to perform half-million test points in a single day. 

  • Beverage Analysis:

Liquid handling devices play a vital role in food and beverage nutritional assessment studies. Aside from analyzing food’s nutritional value, they are also vital to testing contaminants and toxins in it. 

A lot of laboratories have adopted electronic pipettes to optimize and expedite their workflow. Aspirating pipettes and filter tips are a vessel for food scientists to detect air-borne viruses in liquid food products. 

  • Mass Spectrometry Sample Preparation:

The experiments of mass spectrometry have been significantly modified after the development of robotic systems for liquid handling. These systems have changed the way MS samples are produced, allowing labs to carry out applications quickly. 

A local journal called Analytical Sciences has claimed that liquid handling systems can expand the throughput of an experiment (up to 100 times). It was mentioned in their recent report on liquid handling.

  • Next-Generation Sequencing:

Preparation of Next Generation Sequencing or NGS samples has become a lot easier and faster since the introduction of automated liquid handling systems. They’ve also enabled scientists to sustain a high-throughput workflow without putting in too much effort. NGS workflow capacity has improved as these robotic devices allow the system to deliver high performance and precision independently. 

The automatic systems for liquid handling have also helped optimize the outputs of genome sequencing, by reducing both cost and time. These pipetting robots have come a long way, but the old-school pipettes and filter tips are also quite effective in delivering results. 

Get Your Liquid Handling Gear Optimized:

Depending upon the type of applications that are being carried out in your lab setting, the administration should stock up on appropriate automated and manual handling devices to yield better test results. Compromising on the potential of your reagents and equipment can lead to inaccurate outputs, therefore it is best to acquire devices that have the ability to hasten the workflow. 

If your lab needs some liquid handling gear, get in touch with Molecular Biology Products. We have automation pipette tips, serological and aspirating pipettes, filter, and non-filter tips. You can also purchase 50ml centrifuge tubes from our range of liquid handling devices. 

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