Should You Reuse Pipette Tips?

Pipette Tips

Pipette tips are an important part of microbiology experiments. Where there is a pipette, a pipette tip is usually present. So, what is a pipette tip?

What Is A Pipette Tip?

A pipette tip is a disposable and autoclave piece of instrument that is attached to pipettes to use for the purpose of pouring and dispensing. A pipette tip also prevents cross-contamination and prevents the pipette from being damaged.

A pipette is easily susceptible to damage while experimenting with so many liquids. You never know when something corrosive will ruin it. A pipette tip is very helpful in preventing this.

Experiments can also be compromised without pipette tips. This is because if a pipette gets contaminated with some liquid residue, it can interfere with other experiments and cause issues with the results.

To avoid this fate, pipette tips are used. Pipette tips ensure proper calibrations and accuracy of an experiment and prevent cross-contamination. The question now arises, can pipette tips be used over and over again? The answer is both yes and no. Yes, it can be reused in some cases, but in some, it is an absolute NO. Scroll down to find out more!

When Should You Not Reuse A Tip

1.   Practice Caution With DNA Experimenting

DNA contamination can prove to be extremely problematic because if that happens, you will need to throw out a lot of reagents. This can incur a lot of experiment losses and you will be back to square one and will need to start the experiment all over again.

With PCR, experiments need to be performed with even greater caution. This is because PCR causes amplification of DNA, and if even a small amount of DNA is contaminated, it can turn into a big problem. PCR is also a costly experiment so ruining the sample will cost you a lot.

Hence, it is absolutely ESSENTIAL to not use a pipette tip while experimenting with DNA. want a good and high-quality pipette tip for Biomek pipette? Get one for yourself from molecular biology products.

2.   Throw Tips Which Come Into Contact With Other Reagents

While experimenting, there can always be mistakes. Sometimes, pipette tips could come into contact with other reagents. It does not matter if the reagents are harmful or corrosive, even though that is something to worry about in their own way. But no matter what the reagent in contact is, throw out the pipette tip right away.

You can always get a new one. Not worth ruining the experiment over!

3.    Do Not Reuse Pipette Tips With Reusable Reagents

If you have reagents that you will use some of and then put back in the freezer, reusing pipette tips is not a good idea. That is because the reagent needs to be put back into stock. Do you realise the scale of contamination that would occur if the reagent got contaminated due to the reuse of the pipette tip?

The contamination would be huge, not to mention the number of financial losses that would occur if this were to happen.

4.     Throw The Pipette Tip If You Have Any Doubt

Do not reuse a pipette tip if you have even an ounce of doubt in your head. If you do not remember where it was last used, or even feel like it is contaminated, DISCARD IT IMMEDIATELY. It is not worth the risk.

When Could You Reuse A Tip

1.   To Load A Gel

If this is the last part of your experiment and you need to load gels, you could use the same pipette tip.

However, if the intent is to use some of it for sequencing, then a new pipette tip is your best friend for the experiment.

2.   Using the Same Reagent In Different Experiments

If your intent is to use one reagent in a multitude of different experiments, you could easily reuse the pipette tip because they are only using one product.

However, when the need to use different reagents arises, it is time for a new pipette tip.

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