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Laboratorical Cell Culture Tubes

Cell culture tubes are used in laboratories for storing and maintaining living adherent or non-adherent cell cultures. If you want successful cell culture results, these tubes need to be non-cytotoxic, sterile, and free from detectable DNase and RNase, human DNA, and pyrogens.

You can get these culture tubes in wide varieties of volume capacities, materials, RCF ratings, and closure types. You can get it sterile or non-sterile. It can be autoclavable or not. These are ideal for adherent or suspended cell cultures.

These plastic culture tubes are made up of plastic resins (polystyrene, polyethylene, or polypropylene). Most of these culture tubes are surface treated, which reduces the inherent hydrophobicity of the plastic and allows for cell attachment.

These cell culture tubes are flat-sided for attached growth and for micro-scoping conveniently. You can use it for shaking cell suspensions and growing aerobic bacteria. Some of these cell culture tubes are made for creating a small bioreactor environment. You will find vented caps on these culture tubes for gas exchange.

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