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Deliver Excellence With Our Superior Quality Laboratory Tubes In Canada

Do you want to ensure the proper collection, preservation, and integrity of your samplings for accurate analysis and diagnosis? MBP Inc. has got you covered.

Our state-of-the-art tubes and sample collection kits are the ultimate solution for efficiently preserving your medical specimen. Besides, our tubes are designed with in-depth attention to detail and cater to various medical, diagnostic, and research applications. The innovation in manufacturing makes our sample collection tubes the paramount choice for experts in the healthcare industry.

Avant-grade Quality Tubes With Robust Features

Made of premium-quality plastic that is resistant to breaking and ensures the sample and the user’s safety. In addition, the transparent design simplifies visual inspection and facilitates prompt identification of specimens, eliminating the need for extra labeling. Likewise, the tubes are stackable, which saves sufficient space in medical facilities.

Known as one of the trusted sources of laboratory supplies in Canada and the USA, we equip our tubes with airtight screw caps for a leak-proof seal. This particular aspect protects your samples from contamination and makes the transportation of these tubes easier. The caps are easy to open and close, catering to your convenience as the top priority during sample handling.

Catering to Diverse Laboratory Needs In Canada

Whether you need tubes for a smaller volume or to preserve them in great quantities, our sample collection tubes come in a range of sizes to cater to a diversity of needs. From blood collection to urine sampling to molecular diagnosis and more, our versatile tubes and sample collection kits can be utilized for different applications. They are also compatible with varying collection methods, including aspiration, venipuncture, and pipetting, making them one of a kind.

In order to enable sample organization and tracking through quick scanning, we label our sample collection tubes with unique barcodes. This feature significantly reduces the probability of errors or mix-ups.

Find The Best Sample Collection Tubes At MBP Inc.

When it comes to sample collection laboratory tubes in Canada and USA, MBP Inc. is the first name that crosses minds. The precision and reliability, and superior quality ensure the utmost preservation of collected samples. Having user-friendly features, and the ability to synch with various collection methods, the tubes and sample collection kits at MBP Inc. serve as the top-most choice for professionals who look for excellence in their daily medical practices.