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Transport Tubes
MBP provides tubes for your transport and storage needs. Our transport tubes allow for optimal safe storage, and biological materials transport. Transport vials allow a clear view of the samples. MBP also provides Universal Transport Media Tubes that are ideal for media collection through swab, for optimal testing of COVID19, as well as other viruses/organisms.  Inactivated Virus transport medium is available as well to inactivate pathogens upon entry.
Centrifuge Tubes
Ensure that your samples are leak-proof, and provide easy sample recovery with our variety of centrifuge tubes. Choose from volumes of 1.5ml microcentrifuge tubes, 15ml centrifuge tubes, and 50ml centrifuge tubes. Other volumes for centrifuge tubes are available upon request. Experience premium quality centrifuge tubes with MBP Inc.!
Nylon flocked swabs provide optimum specimen collection because of their ability to collect more specimens at the collection site than other options on the market. Our swabs are non-toxic, individually wrapped, and sterile! Both Nasopharyngeal swabs and Oropharyngeal swabs are available.