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MBP’s transport tubes allow for optimal safe storage, and biological materials transport. Transport vials allow a clear view of the samples.
What Are Transport Tubes
The transport tubes are polypropylene tubes that are mostly used while transportation or storing biological samples, without any attached structure. These tubes are designed from unbreakable polypropylene with caps but can be damaged if exposed to very cold temperatures. The transparent plastic help in easy viewing of the sample. The screw caps on top leak-proof and is detached or sealed conveniently.
10ml Transport Media Tubes With Swabs
The 10ml transport tubes are made for media collection with the help of swabs. Recently, this tool has been considered as one of the best in testing Covid-19 but it also tests other viruses and diseases.

The transport swabs are specially made to store and preserve specimens and prevent bacteria growth at the time of collection until it is received in the laboratory. The transport swabs vary depending on the class of microorganisms that are suspected.
Steps Of Testing Process
⮚ Choose a sampling swab that suits the sampling needs
⮚ Make sure to put the sampling swab in a sterile sampling tube after collection
⮚ Look for the breaking point given on the sampling swap rod to break it from there only. Proceed by throwing off the tail.
⮚ Keep the cap of the sterile tube tight
⮚ Mark or label your sterile sampling tubes.