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Buy Serological Pipettes Online

You can purchase serological pipettes at affordable rates for your laboratory. Get them from MBP Inc.!

High-Quality Serological Pipettes

These serological pipettes are perfect for scientists who need to move liquid aliquots with precision, quickly, and easily from one container to another. You can get these serological pipettes in Canada and the USA from our website.

What Are Serological Pipettes?

You can conveniently transfer any liquid measured in milliliters with the help of serological pipettes. The graduation given on the sides of these pipettes allows you to measure accurate quantities easily.

The Use Of Serological Pipettes

If you’re looking for an instrument to mix cell suspension precisely, serological pipettes are the best option. You can also use these pipettes to mix various reagents and chemicals. Lab experts usually use serological pipettes to move different families of cells to analyze them during the treatment process.

Researchers and scientists can get disposable serological pipets for the lab. They can do future procedures using these pipettes in order to bring accurate results with their samples.

Types Of Serological Pipettes

Glass serological pipettes and plastic pipettes are most commonly used. Disposable serological pipettes and polystyrene plastic pipettes are found in most laboratories to ensure safe usage and maintain hygiene levels. Serological pipettes come in three different types:


The exposed ends of open-end pipettes are best for measuring highly viscous liquids. These pipettes allow you to fill and release fluids like oil and paint easily.

Bacteriological Pipettes

Mostly found in 1.1ml and 2.2 ml sizes, these pipettes are best suited to check milk and similar dairy products accurately.

Aspirating Pipettes

Aspirating pipettes are custom-made to mix and move fluids in various applications like vacuum or pipette aspirations. These pipettes are transparent, and you’ll see no graduations in them.

If you are operating a laboratory and looking to get the best equipment, then you can check MBP Inc., as we are a top supplier of high-quality serological pipettes in the USA and Canada.