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Provide a tight seal for your PCR plate for use in classic PCR and for long-term storage. Seals PCR plates of 96- and 384-well. Exceptional seal throughout the whole plate. It eliminates the risk of evaporation in PCR applications, well to well contamination and cross-over.

The micro-plate sealing films are engineered for multiple applications. From PCR to quick PCR and storage, these films can be used in different temperatures. The film sheets can be easily put on plates and detached without getting expensive tools. In addition to this, if you want to make ensure secure and stable attachment of plates with the films, you can use sealing paddles. These films come in different types of materials that are compatible with PCR storage, and cell culture.

Sealing Films For PCR

These are one-time usage films that can be used in clean polypropylene, polyester, and aluminum foils. The sheets offer amazing sealing on the whole plate when storing as well as in transportation.


  • Films are compatible with PCR usage and last for longer durations.
  • The 96- and 384- PCR plates can be sealed easily
  • The seal sits incredibly throughout the plate
  • Reduces the risk of evaporation when used with a silicone compression mat