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PCR Consumables For A Wide Range Of Lab Applications

MBP Inc. has a whole range of rotor gene tubes to offer low and medium-throughput applications. The propylene-infused tube caps in these PCR consumables do not allow any background PCR signal.

This composition is perfect for Qiagen or Corbett Rotor-Gene instruments. A number of applications can be handled with the help of our highly-compatible PCR consumable range.

Compatible With Some Instruments

The thing that makes a PCR consumable high quality is the zero involvement of human genomic DNA, RNase, DNase, and PCR inhibitors. These tubes are optically visible, meaning they are suitable for qPCR.

With a well capacity of 0.2 ml and 100µl volume, the tubes maintain a low profile of 0.1ml. These propylene tubes are suitable for real-time (RT-qPCR) and optimum PCR with their thin wall and ultra-smooth, uniform surface. You can handle them easily or label them with utmost convenience due to the presence of the frosted extension caps.

Convenient Assembly To Allow Tailored Use

Disassemble the device to use cap strips and tubes separately. These rotor tubes are compatible for use with Corbett Rotor-Gene/Qiagen instruments. A pack containing 250 tubes and cap strips can last for up to 1000 reactions. This means that you can stock up on rotor-gene® PCR consumables to perform a number of applications in a lab setting.

You can add these rotor gene consumables to your laboratory from MBP Inc., the best supplier of molecular biology products!