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Next-Generation Sequencing Kits (NGS) -Illumina Platforms

There is an availability of a variety of tools for catering to all the steps of library construction. For instance, DNA fragmentation, adapter litigation, barcoding, amplification, quality control, and enrichment. Many features have clarified and streamlined the flow of work by ready-to-use components and their compatibility with FFPE and low-input samples. The desired filters can b checked to narrow the search.

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS Kits) technology has become an influential technology. It answers a lot of scientific genomic-related questions in most biological samples. Next Generation Sequencing can produce significant amounts of data to revolutionize genomic analysis. There is a limiting factor, which is the ability of preparing samples with sufficient throughput.

The sample preparation process can be divided into four categories:

  1. Sample fragmentation
  2. Purification
  3. Enrichment
  4. Library construction

These manual protocols also require significant hours of skilled genomic library production and notable manipulation. These systems are used for the combination of DNA library preparation and production in automated systems, which produce sequence-ready DNA libraries at a rate five times greater than manual methods.