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PCR Kit For Covid-19

The New Coronavirus nucleic acid detection kit is an RT-PCR real-time test. The kits allow the extraction of data from RNA samples. It is used for quantitative detection in SARS-CoV-2 of nucleic acid through nasopharyngeal, oropharyngeal, and anterior nasal swab. These samples are obtained from individuals who are suspected of Covid-19 or are asymptomatic.
PCR Detection Kits for Covid-19 can also be used with saliva samples using a saliva collection kit. This collection can be done by HCP or the individual themselves, supervised by an HCP in a healthcare system of individuals exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19. These kits have shown the highest sensitivity among commercially obtainable kits after getting tested by a reference panel. These one-step ready-to-use kits have a variety of elements like polymerase, reverse transcriptase, buffers, primers, fluorescent probes, RNase inhibitors, dNTPs, and positive and negative controls. These kits can enable the research and distinguish bypassing results from other SARS-CoV strains.