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Mini/Midi/Maxi Prep Kits

Plasmid DNA Maxi Prep Kits provide simple, quick, and cost-effective techniques to isolate PCR-quality DNA from the samples. They use one simple protocol, which is a large yield of purified DNA to isolate from a broad variety of sources. These sources include whole blood in all types such as fresh, frozen, heparin, citrate, or EDTA-treated. They also include buffy coats, milk, dried blood spots, leukocytes, seminal fluid, saliva, stool, urine, cultured cells, hair, buccal and vaginal swabs, and tissue, both fresh, frozen, and formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded.

In these kits, all the required reagents are supplied, and there is no need for additional reagent preparation. These kits do not require organic solvents, which negate the requirement of storage and special waste disposal. There is no need for centrifugation, column separation, and vacuum filtration. This increases the sample throughout to improve reproducibility. The plasmid kits are ready to use in minutes and have reproducible yields of plasmid DNA of molecular biology grade.