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DNA/RNA Extraction Kit

Purify DNA and RNA effectively and efficiently with our DNA/RNA Extraction Kit. The nucleic acid purifying products are optimized in a way that enables maximum purity, integrity, and yield from any different type of sample.

DNA and RNA purifications errors are further eliminated by Invitrogen products. For efficient purification of gDNA, plasmid DNA, miRNA, and RNA, explore the various choices of Invitrogen technology and the related product line. Innovative Invitrogen Cells-to-CT products are capable to bypass nucleic acid isolation and allow new kits to work with FPPE samples. The sensitive and scalable DNA purifying products can enhance your efficiency.

The RNA extraction kits can be used for various applications and can address all samples and RNA types. Viral DNA and RNA can be purified with flexible systems for excellent reproducibility. The column-pure gels and reagents can be used for prompt and accurate separation and analysis of nucleic acids to deliver the best results.