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High-Quality Single Channel Pipettors:

Get all these single channel pipettors from MBP Inc.

Single-channel pipettors are an ideal choice for many people out there. Individuals who want to transfer liquid in a convenient way can use this type of pipette. Users can utilize these pipettes with containers that have small, twist-top, flip-cap, or conical tubes.

Single-channel pipettes transfer liquids one at a time. Most of the single-channel pipettes are compact in size, and they are versatile. Users can use them with troughs or 96-/384- well plates.

Types of Single-Channel Pipettes:

Single-channel pipettes come in two types. One is manual, and the other is electronic.

Manual single-channel pipette:

These single-channel pipettes are manually operated laboratory devices used for transferring measured amounts of liquids. It can include positive displacement and repeating pipettes.

Electronic single-channel pipette:

These electronic single-channel pipettes are used for transferring a measured amount of liquids. These pipettes are pre-programmed, and you can program them as per your needs. On top of that, they have positive-displacement and repeating pipettes.

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