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High-Quality Multichannel Pipettors:

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Multichannel pipettors come with 8 or 12 pipette heads. These pipettes allow the user to a single device and fill multiple wells at the same time. These multichannel pipettes let the user fill multi-well plates quickly and easily, which can be used in tissue culture, drug screening, and other procedures.

You can make these pipettes to draw up and dispense amounts in a few microliters to several hundred microliters. You can load these tips easily, and later on, they can be removed quickly for fast disposal.

Types of Multichannel Pipettes:

Multichannel pipettes come in two types. One is manual, and the other is electronic.

Manual multichannel pipettes:

Manual multichannel pipettors are non-automated. They have different volume levels in them. These devices are material-dispensing, which can be used with disposable pipette tips for liquid transfers. It can be multiple and simultaneous. These pipettes are configured for 96- or 384-well plates, and they are available in different volume ranges.

Electronic multichannel pipettes:

These electronic multichannel pipettes have variable volumes, which can transfer multiple measured amounts of liquids. These pipettes are compatible with 96- and 384-well microplates. Some of these pipettes have adjustable tip spacing and come with programmable features.

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