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Bottle top dispensers are a common lab instrument that you can find in a laboratory. These bottle-top dispensers are used for dispensing amounts of different chemicals and other reagents, which are organic and inorganic solvents.

Users can also dispense oils from bottles and other containers. Manually dispensing can cause spills and inaccurate measurements, and it can cause fatal lab accidents. For better lab safety and preventing hazards, bottle top dispensers are ideal equipment.

A bottle-top dispenser comes with a piston, glass barrel, volume adjustment knobs, dispensing nozzle, nozzle cap, inlet tube, and bottle adapter.

Types of Bottle Top Dispensers

Bottle top dispensers come in different types.

  • Piston mechanism with bottle top dispenser with floating piston
  • Piston mechanism with bottle top dispenser with wiping-seal piston
  • Chemical compatibility of the instrument with bottle top dispenser for highly corrosive acids
  • Bottle dispenser for acids, bases, and solvents.

How To Use Bottle Top Dispensers

You can read about how to use bottle-top dispensers.

  • Checking the calibration report
  • Choosing the right adapter
  • Attaching the inlet tube or extension
  • Mounting the dispenser on the reagent bottle
  • Purging the dispenser
  • Set the right volume

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