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High-Quality PCR Plates and Strips:

PCR 96 and 384 well plates are microbiological lab equipment used in the process of PCR work. These thin-walled plates are used in the process of PCR ( Polymerase Chain Reaction) to facilitate the replication process.

Polymerase Chain Reaction, often also called molecular photocopying, is a microbiological process that takes place to copy or replicate the small segments of DNA.

As a significant amount of samples of DNA is required for genetic and molecular analysis, studies of isolated pieces of DNA strands are almost impossible without PCR amplification.

How PCR 96 & 384 Plates Are Best Suited For The PCR Process?

The 96/384 well PCR plates are compatible with the majority of 384 block PCR and sequencing arrangements. These micro-plates are created from thin-walled polypropylene, which makes it easier to transform heat to the reaction sample from the thermoblock. It comes with a maximum well volume of 40 µL and 25 µL of working volume.

Additionally, they come with heat-resistant sealers AMPLIseal, VIEWseal, and SILVERseal for sealing the microplates during PCR to make sure the reaction solution’s nature does not get affected by any exterior environment. Moreover, these highly practical 96-well microplates may also be sealed with 8-cap strips.

Proficiently designed, these microplates come with raised rim edges around each well to ensure secure sealing and protection against evaporation. The 96 and 384 well PCR white plates are highly optimized for qPCR as they increase sensitivity and reduce variability in fluorescence detection, making it easier to flow the process.

Why MBP Inc. Is The Best Choice To Buy 96 and 384 PCR Plates

MBP Inc. is a renowned and dominant supplier of top-quality medical laboratory equipment and consumables. We provide premium quality 96-well PCR microplates for the necessary PCR lab work.

Made of high-quality materials and precise attention to detail, these microplates help in keeping your reaction sample safe and make the handling process seamlessly easier. Their spotless and sterilized inner and outer body promotes the optimal growth of DNA samples by preserving their true nature.

These high-quality plates regulate the replication of DNA fragments to give the best possible outcome in the PCR process.