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Obtain 100% Pure RNA Yield Using Our Cutting-Edge RNA Extraction Kits

The best supplier is here to help researchers and scientists in gene expression. MBP Inc. introduces state-of-the-art RNA extraction kits designed to deliver exceptionally optimized isolation from fungal, bacterial, and viral contaminants and ensure pure RNA yield.


We offer our RNA extraction kits in Canada that cater to a wide range of samples. No matter what you’re working with, tissues, cells, blood−you name it, our kit promises consistent and reproducible results every time.

User-Friendly Protocol

Our RNA extraction kits come with an extremely user-friendly protocol so that even the novice can have a seamless using experience. This optimized workflow, as a result, ensures 100% accurate results.

Unmatched Efficiency

What makes our kits the top priority of numerous researchers and scientists in molecular biology is their unparalleled efficiency. Despite their steadfast results, they match the highest industry standards to ensure unaltered RNA yields.

Suitable For Downstream Applications

Our handy RNA extraction kits are also suitable for direct use in most downstream applications, including one-stepRT-PCR, PCR, RT-qPCR, cloning, nucleic acid amplification, sequencing, and enzymatic reactions. The kit can be used in low throughput manual workflows as well as in the majority of the liquid handling workstations in the market.

Caters To Various Sizes

From small-scale experiments to greater workflows, our versatile RNA extraction kits in Canada and USA come in a variety of sizes to cater to the needs of every sample quantity without compromising on its robust performance.

Join the ranks of countless satisfied researchers who have elevated their RNA studies to new heights with our exceptional RNA Extraction Kits. Accelerate your discoveries, publish groundbreaking research, and make strides in the fields of genetics, molecular biology, and beyond.