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Purchase Premium-Quality Mini Prep Kits For Plasmid Purification

Simplify your plasmid purification for your research with MBP Inc.’s Mini-Prep Kits.

These Plasmid Mini-Prep Kits are specially designed to capture small plasmid DNA, effectively reducing unwanted contamination from proteins and genomic DNA. The plasmid DNA you get is perfect for a range of uses, whether you’re delving into restriction analysis, sequencing, cloning, or any other molecular biology purposes.

Features of Mini Prep Kits

Experience the convenience of ready-to-use plasmid DNA within minutes, with reproducible yields of molecular biology-grade quality. Our Plasmid Mini-Prep Kits offer a single protocol catering to both high- and low-copy vectors. Achieve even higher yields through the High-Yield Supplementary Protocol. The Improved Prep 2.0 Spin Column and GelPilot loading dye facilitate convenient sample analysis.

Benefits of Mini Prep Kits

– Elute in as little as 30 μl, ensuring efficiency in sample recovery.

– Prevent buffer retention and salt carry-over with the optimized column design.

– Reduce hands-on time with faster protocols and less spin time.

– Monitor step completion using the colored buffer system.

– No need to add RNase before starting the process.

– Easily label columns with tabs and frosted surfaces.

– Buffers and columns are available separately for flexibility.

– Embrace sustainability with significantly less plastic usage compared to other kits.

– Our packaging is responsibly sourced and recyclable, with no hazardous materials fees.

Why MBP is the Best Choice to Buy Mini-Prep Kit

MBP Inc. is the best supplier to buy mini prep kits at affordable rates. Our Mini Prep Kits, made with purified and relevant chemical reagents and lab tools, ensure accurate and precise results in your DNA plasmid purification experiments. Take advantage of our competitive pricing and experience the reliability and efficiency of Mini Prep Kits to elevate your research endeavors.