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Get Efficient Maxi Prep Kits in the USA and Canada

Make your plasmid DNA extraction effortlessly easy with our maxi prep kits.

If you’re working with bacteria, especially Escherichia coli (E. coli), and need to isolate plasmid or cosmid DNA, then Maxi Prep Kits are your go-to solution. These kits offer a swift and cost-effective method to purify plasmid DNA from bacterial cultures.

Maxi-prep, short for maximum preparation, is a crucial technique used to extract plasmid or cosmid DNA from bacteria, primarily E. coli. Plasmid DNA is a small, circular piece of DNA often used in genetic research and biotechnology. Our highly efficient maxi prep Kits are your trusty companions in this process, which simplifies and optimizes the isolation of plasmid DNA.

How Do Plasmid Maxiprep Kits Make DNA Extraction Easy?

Plasmid Maxiprep kits serve as crucial tools for the maximum isolation of DNA. It offers a rapid and straightforward method to efficiently isolate up to 3 mg of transfection-grade plasmid DNA from E. coli cultures. Using a modified alkaline lysis process and a patented binding system, our maxi prep kits can process up to 150 ml of bacterial culture in less than 18 minutes. These kits not only save you time but also deliver significantly more plasmid DNA compared to traditional methods.

Our Plasmid Maxiprep kit comes with user-friendly features that make your life easier in the lab. Here’s what you can expect:

  • No gravity flow
  • No alcohol precipitation
  • Convenient elution
  • Highly concentrated DNA
  • Endotoxin-free and transfection-ready
  • Error-free visualization

How MBP Inc. Is The Reliable Choice To Buy Maxi Prep Kits?

At MBP Inc., we are proud to be a leading supplier of top-tier microbiological lab equipment and consumables. We offer premium quality maxi prep kits that offer quick, efficient, and reliable DNA isolation without raising any health concerns in the lab. Our commitment to excellence drives us to offer premium solutions to laboratories.

Get in touch with us to get easy and reliable solutions for your lab requirements at the best pricing.