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DNA And RNA Extraction Kits in the USA and Canada

Get yourself an edge in the field of molecular biology research and diagnostics using our cutting-edge DNA and RNA extraction kits at the best pricing. Our state-of-the-art kits are prudently designed to offer scientists, researchers, and clinicians streamlined solutions for isolating high-quality nucleic acids from different samples.

Quick & Reliable Purification

Whether you’re working with tissue, cells, or blood samples of any specimen, our premium DNA and extraction products in Canada deliver unwavering results with utmost purity. These pure samples are further used for downstream applications including sequencing, PCR, qPCR, and gene expression analysis.

Easy-To-Use Process

Using our DNA and RNA extraction kits are simple to use. With clear and precise instructions, it allows even beginner users to obtain reproducible results quickly, saving you valuable time and resources. Moreover, our DNA and RNA extraction products in Canada are compatible with almost every lab equipment, guaranteeing smooth integration into your current flow of work.

Versatile & Adaptable

Another key aspect of using our superior-quality DNA and RNA extraction kits is their ability to adapt to a diverse range of sample sizes. From micro to milliliter quantities, you can make the best out of our versatile DNA and RNA extraction kits and efficiently process different sample volumes in an array of varying experimental settings.

Quality Control

For MBP Inc., quality and consistency are the essence of our solid results. Our DNA and RNA extraction products in Canada and the USA employ a rigid quality control standard to ensure batch-to-batch consistency to obtain maximum reliability in your research findings.

In addition, we optimize the extraction process to curtail hazards of sample cross-contamination in order to further acquire accurate results.

Safety Measures

As the best supplier in the industry, we understand working with lab equipment can be perilous. However, our kits are designed in such a way that minimizes exposure to chemicals and other infectious elements. With our DNA and RNA extraction kits expect nothing but convenience, top-notch performance, and reliable outcomes in your research and other groundbreaking discoveries.