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cfKapture™ 21 Kit

USD 22.50USD 1,301.08

CH126 3M Sodium Acetate Solution, pH 5.2

USD 35.00

CH127 3M Sodium Acetate Solution, pH 7

USD 35.00

Column-Pure Blood Genomic DNA Kit

USD 90.56

D200 Zymoprep™-96 Yeast Plasmid Miniprep [Includes E1004 x 2: Zymolyase (1 x 2000 Units Lyophilized) with Storage Buffer (500µl)]

USD 368.20USD 674.10

D2002 Zymo YeaStar™ Genomic DNA Kit w/ Zymo-Spin™ III Columns (Uncapped) [Includes E1006 x 1: R-Zymolyase (1000 Units Lyophilized) w/ Storage Buffer (500 µl)]

USD 292.50

D301 Zymo Quick-DNA™ Viral Kit w/ Zymo-Spin™ IC Columns (Capped)

USD 174.50USD 588.00

D3061 Zymo Quick-DNA™ Urine DNA Kit w/ Zymo-Spin™ IC-S Columns (Capped)

USD 501.90

D3067 Zymo Quick-DNA™ FFPE MiniPrep

USD 216.40

D404 Zymo ZR BAC DNA Miniprep Kit

USD 122.40USD 380.70

D4076 Zymo Quick-cfDNA™ Serum & Plasma Kit

USD 951.70

D408 Zymo Quick-DNA™ Plus 96 Magbead Kit

USD 531.00USD 1,111.50

D410 Zyppy-96™ Plasmid Kit

USD 457.70USD 1,470.60

D42 ZymoPURE Plasmid MiniPrep Kit

USD 103.10USD 692.30

D510 Column-Pure Fungi RNA Isolation Kit

USD 225.00

D511 Column-Pure Bacterial Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

USD 292.50

D512 Column-Pure Animal Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

USD 168.19

D514 Column-Pure Plasmid Mini-Prep Kit

USD 85.05

D518 Column-Pure RNA Miniprep Kit

USD 245.81

D6005 Zymo Quick-DNA Fungal/Bacterial Miniprep Kit

USD 202.80

D6010 Zymo Quick DNA Fecal/Soil Microbe MiniPrep™ Kit

USD 257.20

D6011 Zymo Quick-DNA Fecal/Soil 96™ Kit

USD 801.00

D6020 Zymo Quick-DNA Plant/Seed Miniprep Kit

USD 257.20

D6021 Zymo Quick-DNA Plant/Seed 96 Kit

USD 801.00

Nucleic Acid Extraction Products At MBP INC

If you are looking for Nucleic acid Extraction products, then you are at the right place. MBP Inc. is the best supplier in business today, offering the ideal systems required for plasma and DNA processes with a high-throughput setting. With our products, you can ensure the efficient isolation of nucleic acids. We have the best solutions if you are looking for types of equipment that offer low elution volume and high input. From our collection, you will find nucleic acid extraction product that offers various solutions, including:

  • No ethanol precipitation or organic extraction
  • No carrier RNA
  • Purification of Total RNA
  • Store plasma at the required temperature for days
  • Eliminate the need for grinding

We have various products in our collection for Nucleic Acid Extraction, including but not limited to the following:

  • Mini prep
  • Plasmid pre
  • Blood & Tissue DNA kit
  • Serum & Plasma kit

Our kits are quick and easy to use. They come in with simple spin-column-based isolation of serum, plasma, DNA, and other biological liquids. They offer the highest yield and efficient isolation of total cell-fee RNA. Our Plant DNA Plus kits are perfect for plant breeding and are adaptable to automation. All MBP Inc. products are scientifically tested before being brought to the market.

Contact us through our site and get your hands on the best products at affordable rates today.