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Diamond PosiStop LTS-Compatible Pipette Tips, Bulk

USD 244.40USD 1,017.60

Diamond PosiStop LTS-Compatible Pipette Tips, GreenRacks

USD 398.70USD 849.26

Diamond PosiStop LTS-Compatible Pipette Tips, Racked

USD 412.38USD 729.32

Diamond PosiStop LTS-Compatible Pipette Tips, Reloads

USD 246.74USD 540.16

Globe Scientific Low Retention Pipette Tips

USD 55.87USD 145.13

Nest Scientific Pipette Tips, Racked, Sterile

USD 255.85USD 362.04

Nest Scientific Pipette Tips, Refills, Non Sterile

USD 211.37USD 310.17

PosiStop LTS-Compatible Pipette Tips, Empty Racks

USD 222.12USD 296.28

0.1-10ul Long Reach Pipette Tips – Reload System

USD 40.00USD 45.50

Pipet Tips, Bulk Packaged

USD 201.55USD 265.73

10 µl (1-20 µl) OneTouch Pipette Tips

USD 53.00

1000 µl (50-1250 µl) OneTouch Pipette Tips

USD 60.00

1000ul Pipette Tips Reload System

USD 45.50USD 50.00

Pipette Tips, DoubleStack Racked, Racked, Sterile

USD 351.00

200 µl (1-330 µl) OneTouch Pipette Tips

USD 70.00

200ul Pipette Tips Reload System

USD 40.00USD 50.00

Non Filter Tips, Racked, Globe Scientific

USD 54.90USD 73.70

Non Filter Tips, Refill Station, Globe Scientific

USD 40.60USD 60.30

Pipette Tips-1,000μl Extended (Rack), Case of 5,760

USD 353.00

Pipette Tips-10μl (Rack), Case of 9,600

USD 353.00

Pipette Tips-200μl (Rack), Case of 9,600

USD 353.00

Non-Filter Tips:

Get accurate results in your sampling by using these non-filter tips. You can purchase these from MBP Inc.

Buy Top-Graded Non-Filtered Pipette Tips

Non-filtered pipette tips are special attachments used in microbiological laboratories for easy and seamless uptake and dispensing of liquids using a pipette. These pipettes especially come in handy in PCR assays. Non-filtered pipette tips, or non-barrier, standard, or general tips, are generally used for different non-sensitive applications.

These handy tips are generally used for isolating plasmid DNA and loading agarose gels. Usually found in bulk or pre-racked form, these are a must-have for any microbiological lab.

How Non-Filtered Pipette Tips Help In Laboratory Handling?

Non-filtered pipette tips, produced using advanced molding techniques and high-quality polypropylene, provide a convenient and efficient solution for handling sample solutions. These pipette tips are carefully manufactured using clear resin, often incorporating micro-point designs and graduation marks to ensure the highest level of precision.

In microbiological laboratories, where accuracy and precision are paramount, non-filtered disposable pipette tips offer a reliable and simplified approach for holding and transferring liquid samples. These tips are widely utilized in various biological processes, including PCR assays and aflatoxin evaluations, and play a crucial role in sample assessment.

These filtered tips possess several valuable attributes:

  • They offer exceptional precision, accuracy, and reliability.
  • The clarity of the tips is unparalleled, allowing for easy observation of the contents.
  • They are certified to be free of DNAse, Pyrogens, and RNAse.
  • Extended-length tips enable users to extract samples from the bottom of tubes without contamination.
  • Standard tips provide visible reference points for enhanced usability.
  • They also offer convenience in multichannel setups.

Why MBP Inc. Is The Best Choice To Buy Non-Filtered Pipette Tips

MBP Inc. is a well-known name in the laboratory equipment market. We take pride in providing top-quality medical laboratory equipment and consumables. Providing high-quality, non-filtered pipette tips for the necessary research and analysis.

Made of high-quality 100% polypropylene and precise attention to detail, these non-filtered tips help transfer your samples safely and precisely. Get these filter tips from the best supplier, MBP Inc. today!