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Trust Sorenson brand pipette tips in your research. Tips are manufactured from the finest raw materials using precise production techniques that provide consistent quality performance. Primary products are made from virgin polymers and contain no recycled, reprocessed, or altered plastics.

Universal fit on research-grade pipettors
 Accurate, precise, and reliable
Exceptional clarity
Certified free of RNase, DNase, Human DNA and pyrogens
Extended length tips enable users to reach the bottom of tubes without contaminating pipettors
Graduated tips provide visible reference points
Racked on 9 mm centers, pipette tips provide multichannel convenience

Pipette Tips
The pipette tips are the most important instrument in molecular biology and chemistry. These tips are responsible for making a precise pipetting system. The most commonly used pipette tips are the non-sterile, pre-sterilized tips, filtered tips, and non-filter tips.

The non-filter tips are mostly used in laboratory experiments where sterility is not a significant criterion. On the other hand, pre-sterilized tips are made to put a stop to contamination. These tips are free from any ATPs, pyrogens, RNase, DNA, or RNA.
Filter Tips Usage
Filter tips are most useful when the resins and organic compounds are vulnerable to contamination caused by transferring, or the contamination of pipettes from samples. The filter stops the liquid and aerosols from getting inside the pipette tips when pipetting is done.
Pipette Handling
It’s important to hold the pipette in a vertical position because tilting or constantly moving it will change the sample volume. The tip should be kept away from the sides and bottom of the vessel to get accurate readings.
Technical Features
⮚ The surface of the tips are made from a mirror as they need to be transparent
⮚ The tips are free from any stains and spots
⮚ The burr diameter on the inner side of the small month is 0.05mm
⮚ The outer diameter comes inside 0.1mm