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Buy a Reliable Reverse Transcription PCR Protocol Kit

Get accurate and precise results with high-end RT-PCR Kits

Reverse transcription is a technique that converts RNA molecules into complementary DNA. Enzymes, known as reverse transcriptases, help this process by guiding the synthesis of cDNA.

Our wide range of RT-PCR kits helps in exploring the RNA molecules and different reverse transcriptases, enabling scientists to uncover gene expression patterns and track viral infections. RT-PCR kits work as RNA interpreters that assist in converting RNA molecules into DNA to unveil the cause behind the activity, disease mechanisms, and cellular responses.

What Does RT-PCR Kit Contains?

The reverse transcription PCR protocol kit offers all the essential elements required to create first-strand cDNA from total RNA or mRNA templates. The resulting single-stranded cDNA is well-suited for real-time quantitative RT-PCR applications. This kit ensures yields of complete-length cDNA products to enhance the sensitivity of RT-qPCR. The starting DNA can vary from 10 picograms to 5 micrograms of total RNA.

Comprising a recombinant and heat-resistant reverse transcriptase, M-MuLV, free of RNase H activity, the kit also includes the RNase Inhibitor HU. The optimal reaction buffer, paired with a mix of hexamers, oligo (dT)18 primers, and MgCl2 and dNTPs, further elevates sensitivity levels.

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Mbp Inc. is renowned as the best supplier of high-grade microbiological lab equipment and supplies. We offer exceptional RT-PCR Kits in Canada and the USA, made from purified and quality reagents and mixes that ensure effective and dependable PCR assay outcomes. Researchers and lab experts rely on our reliable microbiological lab equipment and consumables to deliver precise and accurate lab results.