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Get the best Mycoplasma Detection Kits for your lab from MBP Inc.’s collection.

Mycoplasma detection kits represent a breakthrough for high-throughput, routine screening of cell cultures for mycoplasma contamination. Mycoplasma contamination is one of the most common and severe problems in culturing eukaryotic cells because it alters the phenotypic characteristics of the cells, and it can negatively impact results.

Since mycoplasma is typically not visible and doesn’t respond to antibiotics, an alternative sensitive and reliable detection method is required. This assay is capable of detecting eight different mycoplasma species, which are known for causing 95% of eukaryotic cell culture contamination.

Assay Features:

Mycoplasma detection kits come with some of the best features for you. Read about them below:

  • High-throughput screening (microplate-based) assay
  • No false positives from amplicon contamination
  • High sensitivity (comparable to PCR)
  • Culturing in antibiotic-free media is not required
  • Cell pellet or supernatant samples can be used from fresh or frozen
  • Rapid results in 4.5 hours
  • Reagents sufficient for 96 tests

Uses of Mycoplasma Detection Kits:

Read about the uses of mycoplasma detection kits in the laboratory. Check them below:

Quality Control in Cell Culture: Mycoplasma contamination can compromise the integrity of cell cultures and affect experimental outcomes. These kits are used to screen cell cultures to ensure they are mycoplasma-free regularly.

Research and Bioprocessing: Mycoplasma detection is critical in cell-based research, tissue engineering, and bioprocessing applications, as mycoplasma contamination can lead to unpredictable and undesirable effects.

Advantages of Mycoplasma Detection Kits:

Below, you will read about the advantages that you will get if you have mycoplasma detection kits in your laboratory. Check them below:

Sensitivity: Mycoplasma detection kits are highly sensitive and capable of detecting low levels of mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures.

Specificity: These kits are designed to specifically detect mycoplasma species and can differentiate them from other microorganisms commonly found in cell cultures.

Rapid Results: Many mycoplasma detection kits provide results within a few hours, allowing researchers to assess the status of their cell cultures quickly.

Easy-to-Use: These kits typically come with clear, user-friendly protocols that make them accessible to researchers with varying levels of experience.

Prevention: Early detection of mycoplasma contamination allows for timely intervention to prevent further spread, saving time, resources, and potential experimental outcomes.

Quality Assurance: Using mycoplasma detection kits is a standard practice in quality control for cell culture facilities and biotechnology companies, ensuring the reliability of research and production processes.

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