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Buy The Best Quantitative real-time PCR Kits

Quantitative real-time PCR kits are microbiological lab essentials used in Real-Time PCR or quantitative PCR (qPCR). These kits provide a highly efficient way to run different analyses on genetic samples. These real-time PCR assays are performed to give specific and sensitive quantification of nucleic acids. Quantitative real-time PCR kits consist of a reagent in a small handy tube that helps in preserving these reagents for the accuracy of results.

How Are qPCR/Real-Time PCR Kits Well-Suited For qPCR Assays?

Real-time PCR master mixers, often known as “master mixes”, “ready mixes,” or “super mixes”, are super-concentrated mixtures of solutions that contain the required components for any qPCR reaction. These master mixes are composed of different volume variations of buffer, enzymes, and dNTPs.

Reagent selection plays a significant role in any RT-qPCR or qPCR protocol to make sure that researchers get optimal performance and reliable results. These real-time PCR reagents allow researchers to set up different controls and evaluate different concentrations of their selective DNA or RNA templates. These mixes eliminate the need to add individually precise amounts of different reagent components like enzyme, buffer, water, cofactor, and dNTP to each plate well or reaction tube.

These master mix formulations are composed to meet the unique requirements of different applications, such as genotyping, gene expression, and pathogen detection. These highly composed mixers make the overall sampling process easy and hassle-free with a simple one-step solution.

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