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Get Reliable PCR Kits

Overcome difficulties of PCR assays with reliable PCR kits.

When doing PCR, there are important things that can affect how well your experiment works. These include how many reactions you can do at once, how well you can detect small amounts of DNA, how strong the reactions are even when the DNA is tricky, and making sure your data is accurate. Tricky DNA, with a lot of GC information or smaller DNA, adds more to the challenges.

Our PCR kits and reagents support your success and help you overcome the overlaying difficulties of PCR assays. The PCR kits we offer have a unique mix of components and reagents that form a complete homogenous solution. This reagent mix helps the starting pieces of DNA stick together in a specific way, even when the temperature changes, which ensures that you won’t have to adjust the PCR process for each DNA pair.

Application Of PCR Kits

PCR kits can be utilized for various lap applications. From diagnostic testing to environmental monitoring, PCR Kits are the go-to reagent mixes for each analysis. Different ranges of PCR kits suit different assays. Quantitative PCR (qPCR) Kits measure gene expression levels, while Reverse Transcription PCR (RT-PCR) Kits analyze RNA. Digital PCR Kits provide quantification, and Multiplex PCR Kits detect multiple targets simultaneously. Each kit addresses specific research needs, which helps in enhancing your experimental accuracy.

Why MBP Inc. Is The Best Choice To Buy PCR Kits In Canada?

MBP Inc. is the best supplier in the world of molecular biology labs, offering a variety of top-quality lab supplies. Our dedication to delivering excellent products guarantees accurate and trustworthy results for all your lab work. We specialize in offering premium quality PCR Kits in Canada, which significantly assists researchers in expertly and smoothly performing their lab tests and experiments.