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Embarking on its journey with the mission “Committed To Serve Life Science,” MBP Inc. has established a reputation as the best supplier for serving the life science community with dedication and innovation. Our Transformation Kits are a testament to this commitment, offering the scientific community in the USA and Canada access to state-of-the-art Bacterial Transformation Kits.

Premium Quality Transformation Kits
Our Transformation Kits are meticulously crafted to empower researchers with the tools necessary for advanced genetic research. These kits are a critical asset for scientists engaged in genetic engineering, cloning, and a variety of molecular biology applications, ensuring premium quality and exceptional performance.

Accessible Solutions Across North America
Understanding the critical need for dependable Transformation Kits in North America, MBP Inc. ensures that these essential products are readily available. Our service extends to esteemed institutions, reflecting our reliability and dedication to the scientific endeavor using Transformation Kits in the USA and Canada.

Unmatched Customer Support
At MBP Inc., we believe that our relationship with customers is just beginning with the sale. Our customer support mirrors the continuous operations of researchers, offering assistance and introducing innovative solutions to enhance scientific workflows every day.

A Partnership Beyond Products
Choosing MBP Inc.’s Transformation Kits means investing in a partnership that extends beyond mere transactions. We guarantee not only the quality of our products but also a commitment to revolutionary solutions and customer satisfaction that defines the future of life science research.