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Buy Efficient Cloning Kits

Get efficient and competent bacterial cells in no time with our bacterial coning kits.

Bacterial Cloning kits represent a revolutionary toolkit in the genetic engineering industry, which enables you to manipulate and replicate DNA sequences within/ of bacteria. This modernized cloning technology greatly simplifies the traditional restrictions of coning with a one-step cloning strategy that eliminates the need for any enzymatic modifications of the products and does not have a need for the use of primers that contain restriction enzymes.

These kits provide a complete solution for you to explore and study the gene function, create competent proteins, and understand the complicated biological processes at a micromolecular level.

How Do Cloning Kits Work?

Cloning kits use modern methods for rapid growth and preparation of chemically competent E. coli cells from overnight bacterial cultures or bacterial colonies. A typical bacterial cloning kit features essential components like plasmid vectors, restriction enzymes, ligases, and competent bacterial cells. Uniquely formulated, T-solution also plays a vital role in this system. It produces competent cells in just a few steps. This quick and convenient procedure guarantees transformation efficiencies of more than 107 transformants per µg of plasmid DNA, appropriate for routine cloning experiments. This easy option to use and create bacterial colonies for the preparation of competent bacterial cells adds flexibility to any cloning experiment.

Why MBP Inc. Is The Best Choice to Buy Bacterial Transformation Kits in Canada?

MBP Inc. stands as the best supplier in providing top-notch microbiological lab solutions. We provide high-quality bacterial transformation kits in Canada and USA that produce effective and competent bacterial colonies in no time. Our kits are specially designed to empower you and your laboratories by offering you a complete reliable toolkit for precise genetic manipulation.

Get your hands on our wide range of microbiological lap essentials to acquire reliable and precise lab results.