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Discover the best supplier of premium microbiome research products meticulously curated for your laboratory needs at MBP Inc. As a pioneering presence in the burgeoning field of microbiome research, we recognize the complex challenges that scientists face in identifying and characterizing elusive microbes that resist isolation, culture, and analysis. Our assortment of applications is tailored for human, animal, and environmental microbiome studies, presenting an opportunity for groundbreaking insights into novel therapeutic and natural compounds.

Empowering Discoveries through Cutting-edge Solutions

Dedicated scientists have harnessed innovative approaches to revolutionize the culturing and identification of microbes, significantly enhancing the understanding of microbial communities. Metapolyzme stands as a vital tool, facilitating the digestion of challenging microbes and the extraction of total DNA. Our DNA-free enzymes are designed to enable contamination-free analysis, and our antibodies exhibit exceptional specificity for bacteria and bacterial components. Moreover, we provide individual DNA standards and inactivated bacteria to counteract biases, promoting heightened reproducibility.

Elevating Precision with Controls and Standards

Controls and standards occupy a pivotal role within the realm of microbiome research, imparting accuracy and reproducibility to research outcomes. Selecting the appropriate controls and standards hinges upon the specific research question, experimental design, and chosen sequencing platforms. The meticulous choice of these elements contributes to the integrity of your findings.

Negative Controls: A cornerstone in contamination detection during sample collection, negative controls are processed alongside experimental samples, devoid of microbial DNA.

Positive Controls: Integral for evaluating the precision and sensitivity of sequencing platforms and bioinformatics pipelines, positive controls encompass microbial DNA quantities or mock communities featuring known compositions.

Reference Standards: Leveraged for cross-study comparison and data normalization across varied studies and sequencing platforms, reference standards are drawn from reputable public databases.

Biological Controls: Essential for assessing experimental variables’ impact on the microbiome, these controls account for potential confounding factors influencing microbiome composition.

Unparalleled Microbiomics Kits by Zymo Research

Elevate your research capabilities with Zymo Research‘s superior microbiomics kits, available in bulk from MBP Inc. We empower researchers and laboratory owners alike to access cutting-edge resources that foster scientific progress. Our commitment to quality and innovation propels us to provide you with tools that enable novel discoveries and advancements in the dynamic realm of microbiome research. Embrace excellence with MBP Inc. and explore a realm of transformative possibilities today.